Autumn Rain Essay Research Paper I awoke

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Autumn Rain Essay, Research Paper I awoke to the soft trickling of water outside my window. It took me a moment to realize that it is raining again; the tranquil sound of water dripping from the birch was as sweet as the silver bells ringing at Christmas. It was only six in the morning, but more than willingly I got up, put on a robe and opened my window. Almost immediately, the chilling November wind gushed in engulfing me with its icy fingers. I shuddered, but made no attempt to close the window as my eyes slowly came into focus. It is still pre-dawn outside, and in the ?first light? everything appeared to be transparently blue, as if a piece of beautiful stained glass had been put over my eyes. The late autumn rain fell endlessly in silky thin strands, sown together to

make the most delicate curtain with red maple leaves embroided among the threads. The steady shower poured down every year around this time, as if it were trying to wash out all my memories. I took a deep breath, and as the scent of newly refreshed soil with the wilting leaves mixed in my lungs, I allowed the twirling autumn wind to lead me back to that same rainy morning, five years ago. It was a common Saturday morning. The rain seeped steadily from the dark and depressing clouds hanging overhead from the pre-dawn sky. Most people were still asleep on this overshadowed morning, yet among the sea of darkness, I stood silently on my patio looking out to the obscurity beyond. This morning seemed to be filled with nothing but the weeping of rain and the sighs of wind. The sounds of

water tapping gently on the roof and the swish of it running down the eves and fell to the darkness below was all one could hear. I extended my hand hesitantly out to touch the goddess? tears, yet the chill of it on my fingertips froze the deepest muscle in my heart. The Autumn rain came stepping softly on the multi-colored leaves. Rushing them to depart the safety of the branches and soaking them in the cold fluid until they are devoid of any color, and of any lingering memories. Gradually, the sun rose beyond the penetrating clouds, luminating everything around me.Yet I recoiled away from it, hiding myself in the darkest corner of the patio, loathing the light that will bring me back to the unbending reality. Suddenly, I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I turned around and my

mother stood there, smiling at me. ?Ruolan, you have to finish packing,? my mother whispered, ?they will be here soon.? I nodded and took one last look at the rain before walking slowly back in our little apartment. Everything seemed out of place, piles of clothing lay on beds waiting to be packed, cabinets remained open, exposing its ugly wooden frames as if to remind me of this different morning. I stepped in my tiny room and sat on the bed, today was my last day in China before my immigration to U.S.A. Tomorrow at this time I would be on my way to a whole new world, a world where I knew no one, a world that is in every way, strange to me. The door bell rang, my mother yelled at me to get it. Reluctantly, I opened the door to find my closest cousin, Furong standing there,

smiling. I was shocked, we both knew that she had an important computer class in her college this morning. ?What are you doing here?? I gaped at her as I stood back to let her in. ?Some things are more important, Lanlan.? She beamed. My eyes burned as if lit on fire as I quickly walked away from the door, hoping she wouldn?t notice my uncontrollable tears. I lead her to my room and lay miserably on the bed, ?I don?t want to go?. There, I said the sentence that I kept in my aching heart for weeks. Bit by bit, I imparted my miseries of leaving China, of leaving everything I had known. My cousin was silent for a while, as she stared at the sky full of leaves outside my window. ?Beautiful rain isn?t it?? She said ?and look at those leaves… clinging desperately on to the