Autumn Of The Patriarch Essay Research Paper

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Autumn Of The Patriarch Essay, Research Paper Autumn of the Patriarch 1. Argument of the Novel- Life is arduous and ephemeral but it is something to be appreciated. It advocates being in touch with one’s inner femininity. It criticizes the masculine misuse of power. Personal/Individual Level- In order to succeed in life, one needs an equal balance of masculine and feminine qualities. A person must go beyond the mundane aspects of life to appreciate living. Political/Social Level- There is a gross misuse of power by first world countries and their raping of third world resources. All individuals in society must be equal and power should not be trusted to tyrants. Spiritual/Metaphysical/Philosophical Level- The inability to love by the General causes him to become a tyrant

and unable to understand, respect, or appreciate the lives of others. Desperately trying to control one’s life leads to an even greater lack of control. 2. Author’s Method- The author conveys his message through a lack of traditional method, grammar, and punctuation. Organization of the Novel- The general nears death with every passing chapter. The people begin each chapter with the realization of the general’s death. The chapters spiral out to fill in the missing pieces. Devices Used: Repetition- pg. 67 “Rose” The rose signifies beauty and love. It stirs up emotions in the general and he is overwhelmed by the emotions. He attempts to “put out” the coal so that he is in controls the emotions. He fails and it is a mockery of his power. -pg. 67 The epithets “Manuela

Sanchez of my…” evil hour, disaster, madness. The general identifies emotions with negativity and vulnerability and tries to control them. -pg. 65 The bedtime ritual It shows the general’s infantile tendencies and mocks his authority. Divisions- Each chapter usually begins with a short sentence. The sentences become progressively longer. This makes the novel confusing and it shows the confusion of the general’s reality. Each sentence is has its own idea. Symbols- The sea is a symbol of femininity, the grail castle, and souls of the people. It represents on some subconscious level the general’s realization that he is incomplete and that has a wound. The bananas are a cliched symbol. The general must destroy something inconsequential to heighten his sense of power. It

makes the general look foolish because he is threatening Francisco Linero with bananas. It shows impending rape through its phallic symbol. The velvet glove is a symbol of the general’s abuse of power. “Iron fist in velvet glove.” Tone of the Novel- There is no absolute voice. The novel does not have an anchor that holds it to an absolute truth. The changes in narrator and point of view illustrate this concept. It is argued from a deconstructionist view. Through certain literary devices the author tries to convey a varied point of view that shows the general’s ultimate lack of power through a sarcastic tone. Imagery- The imagery creates the satire on the general. Uses controlling imagery from clerical diction and government. If the general weren’t so obsessed with

control, he wouldn’t be so pathetic and out of control. Imagery shows that the general is goal oriented but he has no real goals to strive for. Magic Realism- pg. 245 The general sells the sea. It is cut up and sent to Arizona. The sea cannot really be cut up and shipped away. The general sells the sea and chooses to ignore the need to be in touch with his inner self and experience true emotion. Syntax- “Horaah for the Stud” the people are celebrating the general, but the syntax/ diction mocks him. Foreshadows the eventual rupture and the rupture in the old perception of the general. Phrasing-epithets: “Manuela Sanchez of my…” madness, evil hour, rupture. The repetition of such phrases accentuates the suffering of the general when he is faced with real emotions.