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Automotive Enginereing Essay, Research Paper As long as there are people there will always be a means of transportation. No matter what kind of mechanical transportation it will fail eventually. Which means there will always be a job that pays good money that is labeled “Automotive Technician.” The pay of an auto technician depends on many different things. The place of employment can be a crucial factor in the amount of money to be made. Another factor is experience. A college degree in automotive tech will pay a lot more than someone who is just starting with no experience. The responsibilities of an automotive technician are different types of jobs available. A shop foreman has the responsibilities of being able to show everyone how and what to do. He also has the

responsibilities of keeping up with the parts and paperwork. He also is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any problems that anyone has on the road. A mechanic has different responsibilities in which he has to comply. Some of which include being in good physical health, lots of energy, and a common knowledge of the trade. There are many different types of engines but there are 3 main types. Those of which are gasoline, diesel, and electrical. Gasoline is the most common engine because of the many verities and horsepower and gasoline mileage. Gasoline also burns super clear. Gasoline engines usually use a fuel injection system, which replace past problems with carburetors. There are 2 models of combustion used in gasoline engines. Strait fired charge is sometimes called

ultra-clean combustion, which at 72 mph is the cleanest means of transportation besides the electric engine. The engine that puts out the most horsepower while consuming less fuel is the diesel engine. It uses pressure to compress the fuel until it explodes pushing the piston down which in turn creates horsepower. The disadvantages of the diesel engine would have to be that it creates a large amount of soot at low RPM. Soot is a concentrated amount of pollution combined with sulfur from the diesel fuel. In large amounts this is the cause of acid rain. The advantages of diesel engines are horsepower and availability. The diesel engine creates enormous amounts of horsepower, which pulls the load lots better than gasoline. The availability of diesel engines is another advantage. At

about every dealership there will be diesel vehicles out there. The engine that is becoming very popular, is the electric because of its low emissions. The electric engine is being put in few cars because people like the horsepower and torck of gasoline engines.