Automobile Motorsports Hobby Around The World Essay

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Automobile Motorsports Hobby Around The World Essay, Research Paper The Automobile Motorsports Hobby Around The World When looking at the sport of high performance automobile tuning, the groups usually follow country of origin. It is common for the groups to compete against each other to prove which country makes the best cars. While they are always fast, there are many differences between them.The United States has a deep history of hot rods, going all the way back to the 1930’s. More often than not, the cars being tuned are large, heavy, but powerful V8’s. The people who own these cars are not concerned with cornering ability, but instead focus on drag racing down the 1/4 mile track. By far the fastest type of cars around the world, they are purpose-built speed demons.

They are incredibly powerful, often using superchargers, or “blowers” as they are called, and since the past decade or so nitrous oxide systems are being installed. A typical big block V8, using a blower and nitrous, will generate about 600-800 hp, with an extreme of around 1500 hp. Germany has been known for building high quality, innovative cars. They take easily to tuning, and last a long time. Tuned German cars have been known to be some of the best handling cars in the world, typified by the company Porsche. Using somewhat lighter cars, they can corner at frighteningly high speeds. It often takes a very professional, and brave driver to extract anything near full potential from them. The V6 is the engine of choice here, with turbocharging being the number one choice for

forced induction. Superchargers and nitrous are not typically found on German cars, though they have been known to be installed. The V6’s are usually of an all-aluminum construction, and have long been aircooled, though that has recently changed to watercooling. Most German cars are rear wheel drive, like the American cars, though use a lighter weight and less power. A typical turbocharged V6 might make 300-500 hp, with an extreme of 700 hp.Italy has a deep history of road racing, and build extremely expensive, frequently hand made cars. They exemplify the old world philosophy when building cars, while mixing in the high technology of the modern age to create fantastically expensive, high quality, enormously powerful cars. Italy is the birthplace of most supercars today. They

typically use V8 or V10 all aluminum engines. the bodies are usually carbon fiber, a new material which is five times as light, and three times as strong as steel. Italian cars handle extremely well, by far the widest and lowest of all cars. But amidst all the power is a very high luxury car, with wooden dashes and consoles, wool carpeting, and leather to be found everywhere. A typical V8 or V10 might make 400-600 hp, with an extreme of 800 hp.Japan is relatively new to racing and sport tuning, but what the lack in experience they more than make up for in innovation. Japanese cars are the lightest of all the cars around the world, and usually use a 4 cylinder engine. Most Japanese cars are front wheel drive, and some are even all wheel drive. These engines have the highest

horsepower per liter of all, and are almost always turbocharged. Nitrous is very common on these cars also. With the light weight comes a number of benefits; good handling ability, good acceleration, and even high gas mileage can be found on these cars. On the cutting edge of high technology, a typical high performance 4 cylinder might make 300-400 hp, with an extreme of 600 hp.The high performance car hobby is one of the most popular hobbies of all. Good quality, fast cars can been seen around the world, though there are many distinct differences. American cars are the fastest, though also the worst handlers. Italian and German cars are a lot alike, and are very powerful and handle very well. Japanese cars are the smallest, lightest, and least powerful, but are still very quick