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leather optional. Another very important part about the interior is the sound system. Featured in this car would be an eight speaker premium stereo, which will also have an optional navigation system, integrated into the dash and a ten-inch sub-woofer hidden below the center armrest. Most importantly, would be the issue of safety. This car will feature a three-point seat belt for each passenger with dual front airbags. There will also be an optional side curtain airbag that will drop from the right and left side of the roof of the vehicle (similar to the ones used by Volvo), that will protect the passengers heads from hitting the windows in case of an accident. The car will also be equipped with front and rear crumple zone to avoid personal injury. The engine would also be set up

to drop and slide under the car incase of a front-end collision. The only problem with the execution of this car is to keep the target price very low. With the amount of features on this car the price can easily go through to the mid fifty thousand dollar mark. Not many people have that kind of money to spend on a car, so a higher price tag will almost definitely drive our target audience away. Also, will this car go over well with the general public? It will be very hard for a brand new company to come out of nowhere, and have people trust the ability and reliability of it right away. Most people would be very skeptical in a car that will have as many features as this car will have with the relatively low price that will be attached to it. Numerous people would rather wait one

or two years before purchasing a new car just to see how well it holds up. Also, will the availability of all exclusive options drive people away, or draw them in? In conclusion, the perfect car is not that far away, nor is it that hard to manufacture, because a car very closely related to this does exist and can be purchased for approximately thirty thousand dollars, but is banned in America. The car is the Nissan Skyline GT-R. This car is available only in Japan, it is also one of the fastest, safest and most luxurious vehicles around. But the Skyline is not the car I created. It does not accommodate as many people, it uses a turbocharger rather than a supercharger (which is much safer for the engine), it does not have the dent resistant body panels, and the Skyline is only

available in a two door body style. So, it is time for a new kind of car to emerge, one that take automobile building to another level, it is time to expect more from an automobile manufacturer. Bibliography Mercedes-Benz: http:\\ Nissan: http:\\ (Japanese Site) Saturn: http:\\ Subaru: http:\\ Volvo: http:\\