Automobile Essay Research Paper The Revolutionary Automobile

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Automobile Essay, Research Paper The Revolutionary Automobile for Everyone Looking at the current market of all new cars, many car buyers have to make very big compromises when looking for a new automobile. Whether it is sacrificing certain options, such as luxury, safety, or style due to budget problems or other outside factors, one should not have to make compromises when shopping for a new car. The simple solution is to come up with a car that can be enjoyed by all people. However, several questions are left to be asked, how many people would accept a car that is so revolutionary, and, can a vehicle be produced with this amount of features and still be cheap enough for the general public? Buying a new vehicle is a big step for almost everyone. One reason is that they do

cost a considerable amount and will be a great debt for many years. So naturally one would want an automobile that will be inexpensive, but reliable, safe, and comfortable. No one wants to have to put thousands of dollars into a new car only to have to go back and spend hundreds more just to have it repaired every so often. Another issue is safety. Safety does not only include how well the car help up in an accident, but the ability in avoiding one. And finally there is comfort. Everyone looks for a vehicle that would give the most amount of comfort weather it is a short trip to the supermarket or a two-week road trip nationwide. None wants to have to hate getting into their car just because of how the seats feel. The possible solution for having to make all of these compromises

is to make a car that no compromises have to be made. When a car is produced with the perfect balance of all exclusive features on all other cars, many enthusiasts will be extremely happy. Of every automobile manufacturer today, certain features of their vehicles draw in their customers. Some examples of this is the feature of all-wheel-drive standard on all Subaru cars, the plastic body durability of all Saturn vehicles, the safety of all Mercedes-Benz products, etceteras. The goal in this particular kind of car is to incorporate all of these special features into one vehicle. This revolutionary vehicle will show the all of the best qualities of all cars in the twenty to thirty thousand dollar price ranges, and will be targeted for the early twenties to the mid-thirties age

group. It would be available in three body styles, sedan, coupe, and convertible. All body styles will be able to accommodate five adults (two in the front, three in the rear). They will all be created out of the same plastic body composite (found on Saturn vehicles), which resists dings, dents, scratches, and rust. The power for this car will come from a three liter six cylinder engine that has a horsepower rating of two hundred and fifty. There will also be an optional supercharger available for the engine that brings the horsepower up to three hundred and twenty. Transferring this power to the wheels would be the buyer s choice of a close ratio six-speed manual or a five-speed triptronic (auto-stick), transmission. This transmission would not be transferring this power to only

the front wheels like most of today s cars, but to all of the wheels. This vehicle will also be using a very intelligent all-wheel-drive system that actually transfers power from wheels with less traction to the wheels with more traction (similar to the all-wheel-drive system used by Subaru). Another very important part of all vehicles is the interior, which is also one of the most overlooked areas in many automobiles. That will not be the case with this car. Upon first sight this car will be more than inviting. It will feature a very handsome, ergonomic, and useful dashboard layout. Up front will be two very comfortable bucket seats, and a 50/50 folding bench seat in the rear. Standard upholstery for all seating areas will be a high-grade, waterproof, and stain-proof cloth, with