Autobiography Essay Research Paper All my fear

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Autobiography Essay, Research Paper All my fear is gone. “Goal! Goal!” Announcer would be yelling if he were broadcasting this boring recreational game. My sister’s team had just slipped in a goal. What was going on I really didn’t know, but all I did know was that I was watching my sister’s soccer game on this cheerful bright Saturday. Everything was going great. My best year of school, 5th grade, was over; the best time of the year was here and I had no worries in the world. I just had to sit back and relax. I really wasn’t at this game in my mind, all I could think about were what my friends and I were going to do all summer. The game was dull and frustrating to watch. The ball flew back and forth with a group following it like a pack of wolves following a

piece of meat. There was no real strategy going on, it was just the best player gets the ball and hope that the whole group doesn’t get in the way. There was no ball control, the ball flying through the air aimlessly, and kids falling down left and right. It was like zooball but with boundaries and an occasional whistle from the referee. This is what recreation soccer was like, even though the kids were two to four years older than I was. None of the kids had the skills I had, and I had been playing competition soccer for over three years and could say our team wasn’t too bad. My sister, Aubrey, who has glistering brown hair and looks a lot like me, was playing on one of the foolish coed recreation teams that like to chase the ball. She wasn’t very competitive, like I was.

I guess it was because she was a girl. Her intentions were to have an activity where she could exercise but not be hassled by people. Boy, was she wrong. The guys on the team were very competitive and they didn’t like the girls just prancing to the ball, they just got in the way when they did that. My sister got yelled at a couple of times from her guy teammates for not being as aggressive as they were, but I guess that is what she gets for playing coed soccer. After about an hour of the frustrating game, but a time of great meditation for me, my grandmother arrived. She was driving a forest green Buick that you see older people drive. My grandma isn’t like most grandmothers, short, quiet, and one of the nicest people you know. Well, my grandma is not that small, I would say

just right for her size. She always has something to say and she’ll tell you everything: what she thinks how she feels and what you should do. She is very nice, but when something goes the way she doesn’t want it to, then you will definitely hear about it. It’s like the sound of rampaging animals. You can’t miss her yelling, it’s so loud and she doesn’t stop. I guess it is because of all the thrill she has for us to succeed, but my grandma says, “It’s the love I have for you that is yelling.” That’s how she is. It doesn’t bother me, but others probably think she is out of her mind. Right then I realized that her yelling wasn’t that bad because while I was sitting there in my tranquil mood, I couldn’t hear her. Maybe it was because I was in such a deep

meditation or I’m just used to her yelling at everything. At the end of the game we discussed where we should to go for a refreshing drink. I really wasn’t worried where we were going as long as this drink would cool me from the hot penetrating sun. My grandma and mother were talking about who was going with whom, when I realized I didn’t even know what the score of the game was. I didn’t trouble to ask my sister that would be rude coming to her game and not paying any attention to it. By now my mom and grandma had decided what they were doing. My mom called to us, “Aubrey, Jeremy, I’m going home, but grandma could take you somewhere.” I responded, “Where is she…” when my grandma’s hollering interrupted me. “Let’s go you two. We’ll go anywhere you