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Gracious Majesty George Rex and Alan Napier, Viscount Kelsey, First Sea Lord (pg 69) The above quote shows the supreme authority figures. Vere is a man who believes in rules, regulations, and procedure. In his opinion, everything must be done according to instruction. Captain Vere always strives to do that which he believes to be right according to the laws set by his superior officers. The action of hanging Billy can not be blamed on Captain Vere but be blamed on the figures that made the Admiral Navy laws. Captain Vere not evil instead: Then authority s an evil (Seymour)(pg 49) The above quote shows that Admiral laws are wrong and evil. The language used is very appropriate for it s time meaning that this is the type of English you would expect to bespoken by 18th century

illiterate sailors some of the examples are; He ain t here; He don t confide ; and You was impressed Shawshank Redemption is a movie about an innocent man, Andy Danfresne who is charged for murdering his wife and her lover. Based on the novel by Stephen King , Shawshank Redemption is set in 1947 and filmed in 1994. The symbols in the film have been used to convey messages. The flag at the top of the prison ironically represents freedom. The clothes of guards (black) represent evil. The actions of the guard such as when they enter the prison in formation suggests they are conveying that they are in complete control. The stance of guards, standing upright, shoulders broad, and wide represents arrogance. The body language of the prisoners, body bent, shoulders in haunch represents

defeat. The language used in this film is all slang and full of curses. However it is appropriate because you would expect this kind of language in a prison and in 1947. The main authorities in this movie are the guards. The major authortian figures are Warden and Mr Hadley, the Captain of guard. It is very obvious that the authorities in this particular film are wrong in their beliefs and are ethically corrupt. The way they threat the prisoners is no way to threat human beings. A classic example is when a fat prisoner starts crying in the prison at night on his first night, then Mr Hadley bashes him so badly that he ends up dying. This act is of pure evil and brutality. Through Andy we find out that for years Warden is making money illegally. Naming of parts is a poem by Henry

Reed about a new enlisted soldier sitting in the lecture of how to operate a gun. The soldier just repeats what the lecturer says but in a way evokes nature rather then weapons. The language of features include; Similes examples would include Japonica/Glistens like coral(Stanza 1)and like the bolt,/and the breech, and the cooking-piece (Stanza 5); Metaphors example of metaphors would include the branches/hold in the gardens their silent, eloquent gestures, (Stanza2) and The blossoms are fragile and motionless (Stanza 3); Alliteration examples would include: you have not got (Stanza 2) and fumbling the flowers (stanza4); and Assonance an example would be : Today we have naming (Stanza 1) The poet s basic message is that people should not be forced to enlist in the army. To

conclude all of the text form types have put forward the idea that Authority is evil and wrong in many ways. In Fahrenheit 451 it is wrong by banning the books. In the play Billy Budd the laws of authority are evil and wrong they are made so that innocent people like Billy could be killed. The Authority in Shawshank redemption is corrupt ethically and evil in the way they threat their prisoners and Henry reed in his poem Naming of parts also hints that authority should not force individuals to enlist in the army. We are lucky that in real life Authority in most cases is just and right in it s believes and practices.