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expensive places to eat, while food served in bars can be great value. Light meals and snacks include pizzas from about S70; all restaurant and caf menus have filling central European standbys such as spicy Serbische Bohnensuppe (Serbian bean soup) and Gulaschsuppe (goulash soup) for around S50. Main dishes (Hauptspeisen) are dominated by veal – Schnitzel – often accompanied by potatoes and a vegetable or salad: Wienerschnitzel is fried in breadcrumbs, Pariser in batter, Natur served on its own or with a creamy sauce. In general you can expect to pay S80-140 for a standard main course, though set lunchtime menus (Mittagsmen ), even in more costly establishments, always offer a wide range of cheaper dishes. Desserts (Mehlspeisen) include a wide range of sweets and pastries:

various types of Torte (including the famous rich chocolate Sachertorte); strudel, cheesecake; and Palatschinken (or pancake, with various nut or jam fillings) are all common.