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Australlia – Culture – Aborigines Essay, Research Paper Australlia – Culture – AborCopyright (c) 1996-1997 — School Sucks — The biggest FREE School papers database on the Net! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FileName: 2I3U4.TXT A Subject: 026: Science: Geography A Title: Australlia – Culture – Aborigines The Aborigines were described as “stone age hunters” by the first Europeans who saw them. There are about 250 tribes left and each has its own language. The Aboriginal people called “aboriginal” because the word itself mean people who lived in a place The basic constant in Aboriginal life is their sharing, caring and responsibility. The best skill for a child to learn is how to behave

toward everyone they might meet. That skill is a major part of their kinship system. The kinship system helps organ The aboriginal people get food in two ways: hunting and gathering. Only the men hunt and it it’s done with traditional spears and boomerangs. Out of respect for nature and its cycles they only kill enough to feed their family or clan. Gathering food Their home moves every season. Homes depend upon where they are living at the moment and it’s conditions. In hot, dry, grassland they live in grass wind breaks to keep sheltered from the sun. In the rainy north they built huts on stilts. In cold area Their are many tribes and each has a different language and a name. The pitijantjatara, yolngu, lardil, tiwi, aranda, pintupi, wajarpi, and cadigal. Today only about 200

-250 languages are still spoken compared to the 500 which were thriving before Wor The Aborigines have no written language. Due to this fact, they must memorize everything. They are able to read rock , bark, and body painting as if it were a book. Children learn to communicate by watching elders participate in ceremonies and rituals Rituals are an important part of Aboriginal life. At campfires elders and fully initiated men sit on one side. Children have their own position. When the men come back from hunting they dance about what has happened that day , in a way they communicat Their has been little cultural change in their history. These people are very rich in tradition and continue to carry on their lifestyles in such a way. Minorities Australia has been noted by many

scholars to be the one of the least divided societies on Earth. Their is no longer any large underprivliged groups. Race doesn’t divide the Australians. Most 110,000 Aborigines are outside or only a little inside Australian society, but it isn’t divided. There are snob divisions but they have been rapidly declining since the mid 1950’s. The regional divisions: the hunting of money from rich to poor and The aborigines are the largest and most worldly recognized minority in Australia. The Europeans attempted to “westernize” them yet it became rather unsuccessful. The aboriginal people would not let themselves be exploited by the “white man” unlike thei It is not that white Australians have a hatred or prejudice against the Aborigines they are just indifference towards

them. The Aborigines are a mostly ignored minority . Segregation ,indifference and an unconscious bias are because of a lack of knowle Border Disputes Australia’s only real border dispu igines