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Australian Sports Essay, Research Paper Australia Sports Good morning ladies and gentlemen, adjudicator, and fellow debaters. There are a few discrepancies in the affirmative teams argument. (Then rebut) With a generally temperate climate, relatively low cost access to tennis courts, golf courses and other sporting facilities, and the presence of beaches and waterways, open spaces and bushland, no wonder Australians are encouraged to take up sporting activities as part of their lifestyle. As a whole Australia does not place too much emphasis on sport in fact the attention given is justified and correct. With over 120 national sporting organisations and thousands of state, regional and club bodies throughout the country it is estimated that over 8 million people of a third of

the population participate in sport or physical activities. Throughout the country we as Australians participate in many sports ranging from Netball, which is one of the top participated sport for Women. To golf which is the most participated sport by men. But not only are we avid competitors we also enjoy watching sports, whether it be by attending a game or watching a sporting event on TV. You don t have to believe me, why not look at the statistics. Crowds of up to or more than 100,000 have been seen recently at the AFL grand final, at recent NRL games, and also at the Bledisloe Cup match last weekend. Last year it is estimated that 47.1% of Australian s aged over 15 attended sporting events. Sporting programmes were the most commonly watched on television after news and

current affairs programmes, and were viewed regularly by over half of all Australians. This shows how much sport is a part of Australia s lifestyle. These programmes are not on all week; the programmes are basically on just Saturdays and Sundays. This shows how enthusiastic we as Australians are about our sport. This is one of the main reason there is such a great emphasis on sport, not only is this emphasis correct but it is justified by the amount of Australians involved in sport and excited by sport. Today s topic states that Australia places too much emphasis on sport. Now how can this be! When no one forces us to attend these sporting events, to idolise players or to tune into a game on TV. We all do it by choice. That s the important word choice, now if no one attended

these sporting events, if no one idolised these players, if no one watched the games on TV and if only a minority of Australians liked sport, do you think their would be any emphasis on sport in Australia? Maybe, only when something big occurs. But overall there would not be a great deal of emphasis on sport. It would be exactly like a scientifical breakthrough occurring, it would be emphasised a great deal when it happens but due to the lack of continuous interest by the majority of Australians, it would be forgotten. That s where sport is different in Australia it has that continuous interest. What the affirmative team has to realise is that we are a country that is growing and expanding and as sport is a big part of our country of course it will expand with us. In less than 60

days Australia will be the host nation to the Olympic games for the 2nd time in less than 50 years. Following this will be the Paralympics; all of this will be staged in Sydney. Australia has also been the host of 3 Commonwealth Games. Australia is one of only 3 nations to have competed at every modern Olympic games and has been represented at all 13 Commonwealth games. This shows our commitment to sport and our willingness to represent our country at the highest level. At the most recent Commonwealth games in Kuala Lumpur, Australia won the most medals, also we ranked among the leading nations at the 1996 Olympic games at Atlanta. Australia is world champions at many sports and in others we rank among the best, many Australian athletes hold world records and are world champions