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Australian Rugby League Essay, Research Paper This report investigates the epic battle between the Australian Rugby League which has been around for 87 years and the Super League concept for the control of Rugby League in Australia. One man, Mr Rupert Murdoch, is trying to take over and run a rebel Super League to enhance his power and for financial gain. This Super League is proposed to run in 1996 with a 10 team competition as its prospectus. This report reviews the history of the Australian Rugby League, the battle between Mr.Murdoch and Mr.Packer, the battle of who controls pay television, the players future and junior development. This conflict is mainly based on power, greed and money. The two protagonist’s are prepared to go to any lengths to achieve supremacy. I

have researched archives, newspapers, pamphlets and watched television to accumulate information of this divisive conflict. 2. The History of the A.R.L. The Australian Rugby League originated in 1908 which was then known as the N.S.W. Rugby League. The game of Rugby League was born long ago and faraway, on the 29th of August 1895 in the stately George Hotel Huddersfield Yorkshire, England. Originally 15 a side teams were reduced to 13 in 1906 and Rugby League’s trademark the play the ball was introduced. The changes large and small laid the foundations for the fast moving thrilling game that Rugby League has become. On the evening of August 8 the N.S.W Rugby League was formed with a secret meeting at Sydney’s Batemans Hotel. The men driving the new game were: The entrepreneur

James Joseph Giltinan, the great cricketer Victor Trumper, the influential politician Henry Clammond Hoyle. The supreme master stroke being the signing of Rugby Unions champion Herbert Henry Dally Messenger at a fee of 180 pounds. In the summer of 1907-08 more meetings resulting in the formation of 9 clubs: Glebe, Newtown, South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Balmain, North Sydney, Newcastle which only lasted until 1909, and Cumberland. However Cumberland had trouble enticing sufficient players and was forced to amalgamate with Western Suburbs the following season. Rugby League’s first season began on Easter Monday 1908 on a wave of unrivalled enthusiasm. To South Sydney went the honour of being Rugby Leagues first champions 14-12 victors over Eastern Suburbs in the

premiership final. Over the years more teams have been introduced to make an expanded competition, to strengthen and promote the game locally, nationally and at this present time internationally. The teams that have joined since the inaugural competition include: 1910 Annandale which folded in 1920. 1920 University which folded in 1937. 1921 St George. 1935 Canterbury. 1947 Manly and Parramatta. 1967 Cronulla and Penrith. 1982 Canberra and Illawarra. 1983 Newtown were expelled due to financial problems. 1988 Brisbane, Gold Coast and Newcastle. During the 1994 Rugby League season the N.S.W. Rugby League passed a motion to expand the 16 team competition to a 20 team competition incorporating a team from Western Australia, 2 more teams from Queensland and a team from New Zealand. It

was also agreed to change the name from the N.S.W Rugby League to the Australian Rugby League also known as the A.R.L as a true reflection of what it represents. The 1995 season promised to be the pinnacle of the league’s endeavours with the expanded 20 teams which included 4 new teams namely: Auckland Warriors from New Zealand. North Queensland Cowboy’s based in Townsville. South Queensland Crushers located in Brisbane. Western Reds from the far west Perth. Rugby League as a truly Australian story is abound with wonderful characters such as – Messenger, Horder, Stehr, Churchill, Gasnier, Raper, Reddy, Fulton, Lewis, Sterling. The Immortals are recognised as Rugby League’s finest post-war exponents, Clive Churchill, Reg Gasnier, John Raper and Bob Fulton had a creative