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from home, guesthouses and lodges provide private rooms and communical facilities. Cottages & Retreats For short term stays in self contained cottages and retreat style accommodation. Holiday Houses For homestyle accommodation, holiday houses and beach houses are a cozy choice. Accommodation Directories Organised listings and contact details of accommodation providers. Houseboats For a holiday with a difference and the ultimate way to relax, stay in a houseboat. Apartments  More like a home away from home, apartments offer complete privacy and self-contained facilities. In most cases the serviced apartments have cooking and laundry facilities provided. Most have swiming pools, saunas and recreational facilities. Motels  Located all around Australia, motel

accommodation offers rooms with private bathrooms, television, telephone and tea and coffee making facilities. Many have swimming pools and spas. Motel chains include: Best Western, Budget, Country Comfort, Flag and Metro Inns. Motor Inns  The perfect stopover when you are on the road, with facilities similar to most motels, motor inns are designed for the traveller and they can be found all over the country. In general, reservations are optional just pull in if you see a vacancy sign. Hostels  Youth hostels and backpacker venues provide budget priced accommodation with 24-hour access and shared facilities. Generally these facilities cater for the younger age groups although there are no age restrictions. Hostels offer budget-style accommodation and are a great way

to meet people. Caravan Parks  Nearly every small town has at least one caravan park. If you are on a self-drive holiday, either in a campervan or towing a caravan, you will find them a convenient and affordable place to stopover. Toilet and shower facilities are usually in a central location in the parks, and powered sites are available. Most van parks have on-site vans or cabins available and can comfortably accommodate family groups. Camping  Camp grounds are plentiful and usually located in areas close to natural attractions such as national parks, beaches, lakes etc. Most have toilet facilities and running water. If joined to a caravan park, electricity and share-kitchen facilities or barbeques are available. Many national park camping areas allow

free camping, only a permit is required from the park ranger's office. Use the dropdown box below to go to the Australian state or Territory where you want to stay. 3.3 Catering service Australians love entertaining. As a caterer you can take advantage of this by offering everything from breakfast for two, intimate gourmet dinners for 20 or traditional wedding buffets for 200. Caterers have always been and will continue to be in demand for functions like weddings, receptions, graduations, anniversaries, christenings, birthday parties, anniversaries and so on. Increasingly, businesses are also turning to catering services to arrange food and beverages at home or at their premises for luncheons, staff parties and receptions where clients or business associates are entertained.

Unlike most other food businesses, catering can be started with a small investment. Emphasis is on service and much of this service is performed on the client's premises. There is no rent involved, no "slow" nights, no hostile clients waiting impatiently for a table by the window. Industrial, factory or warehouse areas are all good areas to set up your business. All you need is sufficient space to establish your store room and a small commercial kitchen - ideally between 70 and 150 square metres. Your clients will never see your office because you will be meeting them in their homes or places of business to plan their functions. When starting your business you will need to pay careful attention to your pricing structure. It is essential to make enough money to make sure

your business is successful. Our guide explains how to assess your business operations, how much you should charge for your services and how to make sure you are charging the right amount to cover your operating costs as well as generate a profit. All this and much more is outlined in this guide. It investigates market potential, what to consider when choosing business premises and location, what equipment you will need, what to consider when it comes to costs and stock, how to effectively operate your business and the tax and legal issues you should be aware of. Remember, not only is starting a business a major life-changing decision, it is also a major financial investment. As a result, you will need to make sure you are fully aware of the commitment you are about to make and