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dealers, including Maconachie's in Nowra, NSW, and Robert's Leisure Vehicles in Kew, Victoria. Matilda Motorhomes are based in Cairns. They provide many of the vehicles rented by NQ Rentals. For smaller campervans, try John Terry Campers in Sydney. Britz, Maui, NQ, and other rental companies sell used campervans and motorhomes. See the Campervan and motorhome rentals page for contact information. Caravans and tent-trailers A caravan (called "travel trailer" or "mobile home" in the USA) is towed by a car or truck. New and used caravans are readily available. Some are designed specifically for off-road use. Many popular designs use a pop-top to keep the caravan's profile low during towing. Trailers with fold-out tents are very popular; some of these open into

quite elaborate structures. Bicycle You can buy or hire a bicycle, or take an escorted tour. We've met people riding bicycles around the country, but it's difficult unless you have a support vehicle carrying your supplies. Although Australia is mostly flat, compared to many countries, it's a very long way between towns in much of the country, and you have to carry a lot of water. Most roads are quite dangerous for bicyclists because they don't have much of a shoulder, and in many cases the shoulder isn't paved. A bicycle can be a good way for getting around within a town, and we see many motorhomes with bicycles strapped on the back. Water transportation Cruise ships In addition to the cruise ships from Singapore or other ports that visit a limited number of Australian ports,

several cruises are available in the Great Barrier Reef and along the tropical coasts of Australia. Here are two. Your travel agent may have information about others. Rent a boat In popular holiday areas, you can rent boats ranging from dinghies to multi-berth sailing yachts to motor cruisers to houseboats. You can either sail the boat yourself or rent one with one or more people aboard as crew. In most cases, you'll need to return the boat to the place where you picked it up, although you may be able to arrange a one-way charter, especially if the boat is crewed. From mainland Australia, you can fly or take a ferry to the state of Tasmania. If you want to take a car with you, you'll definitely want to take the ferry. (Rental car companies don't generally allow this; you'll need

to drop off one car on the mainland and pick up another one in Tasmania.) The ferry to Tasmania has sleeping compartments as well as cheaper seats (staying in your car or camper is not allowed). Paddle steamers operate on the Murray River, or you can rent a houseboat. 3.2 Accomodation The choices in Australia are limited only to your imagination. The climate in Australia allows travellers to pick from many styles of lodgings and the region and length of your stay can help determine how you choose. Your stay in any of the luxurious and reputable hotels in Australia’s major cities will make your visit a sheer delight. While waking to the sound of the ocean and stepping out onto soft white sands makes pitching a tent someone’s idea of a real holiday. Just arrived and need

somewhere to stay? Making plans and exploring your options? We have plenty of ways for you to find your ideal accommodation in Australia. Below you can check out some of the nation-wide accommodation providers who either manage bookings in most locations or national accommodation chains or associations. If you are looking for a place to stay in a particular region of Australia the best way to find them is to navigate your way to that state or region and check out what's available there. As a guide, descriptions of popular styles of accommodation and providers are outlined below. Five Star Luxury Australia is home to many international hotel groups that provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort. They include; ANA, Hilton, Hyatt, Inter Continental, Marriott, Nikko, Parkroyal,

Radisson, Ramada, Ritz Carlton, Sheraton and several others. All situated in major cities. Hotels  A wide range of comfortable three to four star hotels can be found in both city and country areas. Some of the better known chains include: Best Western, Centra, Flag Inns, Metro Inns, and Travelodge. The country hotels or pubs are also found all over Australia and offer comfortable accommodation to travellers, however the standards vary considerably from place to place. Resorts Recreational and leisure activities dominate the Australian resorts. Coupled with high quality service and facilities they represent the most popular mid-priced accommodation. Some of the chains include: All Seasons Resorts and Australian Frontier Resorts. Guesthouses & Lodges For a home away