Australia on the world’s tourist map

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Annotation The topic of the term paper is Australia on the touristic map. Tourisitic industry is discussed in the first chapter, there is statistic data about arrivals to Australia in March of 2007. The second chapter is devoted to Australia`s land. Australia is the word’s smallest continent. Nearly 7600000 square kilometers in area. It is one-fourth the size of Africa. The third chapter considers transportation, accommodation and catering services. Contents Introduction 1. Tourism 2. Australia’s land 3. Australia on the world’s tourist map 3.1 Transportation 3.2 Accomodation 3.3 Catering service Conclusion Literature Appendix Sydney Introduction How can a single country have world-class cities, snowfields, deserts, rainforests and golden beaches? Well, being nearly 8

million km² in size, Australia has a lot of ground to cover. If you want to know About Australia, grab your thongs (and your flip flops) and get ready for adventure — Aussie style! Australia’s awesome natural beauty is talked about worldwide with wonder. And while Australians are proud of the diverse landscape, we are equally proud of the diversity of our people and the warm welcome we offer visitors from near and far. Australians are laid back, as we often say. Enjoying our food and our sport are common pastimes for many Aussies. If you can’t find us at the local footy ground cheering our team on a Saturday afternoon, then chances are we’re enjoying the day with friends at one of many chic street cafés to be found in any of our major cities. About Australia invites you

to explore the possibilities. Along the way we’ll provide you with information on things to see and places to stay. Whether you’re an Australian exploring your own backyard or planning to visit here — welcome and happy travels! 1. Tourism Tourism Australia has been recognised as the best National Tourism Organisation (NTO) in South Korea, Tourism Australia Managing Director Scott Morrison, announced today. “Tourism Australia (TA) is proud to have received the 2005 Global Top Management Award for ‘The Best NTO’ from one of Korea’s most prestigious media groups, beating key competitors such as Singapore and Hong Kong,” Scott Morrison said. The award, from Korea’s Herald Business, was reviewed on: creative and initiative; marketing activities; campaign performance;

and brand power. Last year, HSBC Korea, Coca-Cola Korea, Philip Morris Korea, Nike Korea, ING Life and BMW Korea were included in the winners. Korea is an important market for Australia, with forecast growth of 36 per cent between 2005/09 according to the Tourism Forecasting Committee and the number of arrivals is expected to increase by 82,800 during the same period. According to the most recent ABS visitor arrivals figures, there were 19,900 visitors from Korea during March 2005 bringing the total for the three months to March 2005 to 74,500, an increase of 23 per cent relative to the same period of the previous year. “In Korea many consumer surveys have shown that Australia is ‘the’ most desired travel destination. Australia has strong recognition and aspiration for many

Koreans, particularly among independent travellers aged 20-30 where Australia’s popularity has experienced considerable growth,” Scott Morrison said. “There are major changes underway in the Korean market that TA is seeking to adapt to and capitalise on. Strong growth in the Korean economy is making travel more affordable and Korean working life is about to become more flexible, moving from a six to a five day working week. As a result Koreans will be increasingly able to find more time to travel away from home. “Tourism Australia recently launched the 'Best of Australia' campaign to encourage the growing Fully Independent Traveller (FIT) segment in Korea to choose Australia for their next holiday experience. “In recognition of Korea having one of the world’s highest