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information to possible companies that might have an interest in our product. If the company responds, the CS will make the opportunity for direct contact available. 2) CRS Gold Key Service This idea makes it beneficial for US company representatives to see the various services available. Such as market orientation meetings, research, distributor searches and screening. They are an affective service that truly widens the firm’s eyes in a particular country. 3) Customized Market Analysis (CMA) This assessment provides information on the product’s potential laws. This is very important to us as a joint venturer, because we need current data and monetary trend information which oversees research. 4) CS — Catalog Exhibitions CS Australia actively participates in trade shows,

and a variety of other trade events that provide actual catalogs or products for direct display. 5) Introduction to Australia This new entry program is affective and inexpensive to test the Australian market. Specific American firms in that industry contact Australian fin-ns. A selected target industrial market is chosen through local agents and distributors. Interested participants then actually follow up directly. The CS also actively participates in trade missions, trade events, and the trade opportunity program (TOPS). This service provides trade leads that manufactures may request for representation, investment, licensing and finally joint ventures. The last two services offered by CS are market research reporting and commercial USA. The market research and reporting

continually tracks major industrial investments, projects, and policy developments. Commercial news UA provides on new U.S. products available for the export market. This distribution information goes to about 1,000 potential agents and distributors in Australia. This service also identifies possible joint venture participants. This distributive information goes to Australia. All of these services are imperative to regarding possible market distribution resources. Resources: Austrade Australian Trade Commission 630 Fifth Avenue, Suite 420 New York, NY 10111 Nicholas Doumani (212)408-8473 Bureau of Tourism Research Cambridge Encyclopedia of Australia Press Syndicate University of Cambridge 1994 CD ROM — U.S. DOC, International Trade Administration March, 1996 CD ROM — National

Trade Data Bank February, 1996 Europa World Year Book 1995 London: Europa Publications Limited Volumes 1 & 2, Pages 1236-1237 and 1246-1247. Internet: HTTP://WWW.TELSTR.COM.AU/META/AUSTRALIA.HTML