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is not formed. Shares are not allocated for payment of any kind; and they end up resembling a partnership. Incorporated joint ventures are companies that have shareholders with no rights to the company’s assets; which are not exposed to sharing losses, but which do participate in distributed dividends. Legal restrictions are limited and private companies operate basically uninterrupted as long as established ethical business codes are followed. Any company that registers in Australia falls under their corporation law jurisdiction. Hybrid forms of joint ventures can be created to meet the demands of each participant involved. After having carefully reviewed our options, we chose the unincorporated joint venture with a company whose name and reputations are established. Our

Partner Australians are very demanding regarding timely delivery, product warranties along with consistent advertising and promotions. They are proven to be very quality conscious and discerning. The decision to pursue a joint venture was to limit initial investment and operating expenses, limit liability/lower risk and ease into the market via a company well aware of the culture and infrastructure. Our partner company is F.H. Faulding & Company Limited, positioned in Parkside, South Australia, Australia. They possess the capacity to meet our company objectives (production and distribution) and are aligned with our corporate ideals and values. F.H. Faulding has an 11 year financial history of established success in all facets of production management, distribution and

customer trust. Combined with their current assets, desire for growth and development, they are very attractive to Sun Cosmetics, Inc. as an unincorporated joint venture partner for Oceana. Their location is significant, and of strategic importance to the actual distribution of our product. Distribution Our joint venture partner will enable us to use their established sources of distribution. A distributor acts as an independent agent who purchases products from an agent and delivers them to wholesalers and/or retailers. It is common practice for Australian distributors to ask for exclusive geographic rights due to the size of the market. Australian distribution and sales channels are comparable to other industrialized countries. Channels of distribution are direct sales, use of

agents, and direct investment. Their duties include good faith representation and the maintenance of proper accounts, We will be utilizing all methods of distribution as available and established through our joint venture partner. Through our direct and distributor sales we expect to attain the mix that will achieve Oceana the market share it deserves and meets the customer needs Down Under. See Appendix B for additional information. There are many major ports located throughout the continent. Transporting to these active ports is very accessible through several shipping means (including air transportation, where applicable). The size and population locations are very unevenly distributed. Key population areas tend to center around the outer perimeter of the country where these

major cities’ airports and seaports are located. The following is an overview of the transportation and communications systems: Established railway systems 40,478 km The highways of the country total 873,872 km The telephone communication systems are very extensive both internationally and domestically. Radio broadcast frequencies include 258 am and 67 fm. There are 134 broadcast stations. (National Trade Databank). Raw materials All raw materials will be purchased and supplied locally through ICI Australia Pty Limited’s botany plant. ICI Australia is a large manufacturing facility that produces 50 organic and non-organic chemicals located in Castle Hill, South Australia. Our suncreen’s ingredients are, or can be, produced by this facility for easy “just-in-time”

inventory delivery. Our sunscreen will be safe for the environment and everyone that uses it. The main ingredients in our products are octylmethooxycinnamate, oxybenzone, octylsalidylate, titanium dioxide, octocrylene and the secret ingredients necessary for our gold, silver and bronze coloring agents. Target Market Demographics Since such a high incident rate of skin cancer and skin damage exists in this region, there is an ever growing need (market) for sunscreen products. Based on our marketing research we have focused on three specific markets: tourism, teenagers/young adults and parents with young children. These target markets will allow for market penetration and diffusion at a quick rate since they are the groups that have the highest need for our product and the greatest