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French Polynesian Overseas territory. This territory falls under the French Republic guidelines of government. Some aspects of this territory have autonomy. Tahiti’s principle trade imports come from Australia, France, Germany, Japan and New Zealand. They export mainly to France, New Caledonia and (limited) United States. The facts that Tahiti is known for tourism and has principle importing and exporting, make this market accessible for our product. It’s location geographically, climate and infrastructure, make for easy distribution and market entry. Its principle language is French, but with a cultural adaptation to English products, we may utilize standardized production. New Caledonia This territory is also part of the French Overseas Territory, which means that it also

falls under the French rule of government court and political systems. This territory is in the European Parliament. It’s primary imports come from Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the United States. Its exports are mainly to France, Germany, Japan and the United States. The same basic infrastructure, climate and tourism as Tahiti makes this market accessible and allows for standardized product introduction. Fiji Fiji is an established country. It’s form of government is much like the English Parliament. It’s imports also come from Australia, Germany, Japan and New Zealand. It exports mainly to Australia, Germany, Japan and New Zealand. Once again established infrastructure and trade routes within the region, tourism and the climate, make this country’s accessibility

applicable for our product. Primarily an English speaking island, Fiji also allows Oceana to be a standardized product. All of these islands and countries, including Australia and New Zealand, have the same principle religions. These are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and few native island beliefs. Intellectual property laws in Australia A joint venture has been established so our license is already in place. A patent is pending for the three gold, silver, and bronze coloring agents. This patent will be exclusive for a period of five years before renewal. Our trademark name that for our product is Oceana Gold, Oceana Silver and Oceana Bronze. Trade Relations APEC and ANZCERTA ANZCERTA is trade agreement between Australia and New Zealand. (Australia New Zealand Closer Economic

Relations Trade Agreement) ANZCERTA has been around since 1983, when it replaced their NAFTA, and has undergone significant changes in industrial and agricultural trade. Free trade between these countries has enabled rapid development in world exporting. At this time the process of improving air transportation and expanding trade laws is underway. The goal of ANZCERTA is to become a single trade entity representing a unified economic front. In the next ten years they hope to remain committed to the same economic goals and effectively compete with the Asian Pacific region through their alliances to the commonly known APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation). APEC is the formation of trade alliances among 18 countries in the south pacific region of the world. The leaders of these

countries meet regularly to discuss ways of improving liberal trade and creating a more open environment. Australia has been active with this alliance since 1989. One of the benefits of Australia’s involvement is that the economies of the different countries range from underdeveloped to industrialized countries. Our product will be marketed in a diversified economic range, enabling us to reach more than one specific market. Skin cancer and environmental issues are discussed at these meetings and concern all leaders of the different governments. APEC hopes to reach free trade as already established by GATT. Political risk There are no governmental policies or parties who could politically overrun the government, therefore, expropriation is not a major consideration. The concern

for nationalism is also unwarranted because Australians have hopes of attaining the “American good life.” Our image as a nation demonstrates a positive public relation between two countries. Joint Venture (unincorporated) A foreign company deciding to do business in Australia has a selection of business structures available. The most common forms of organizations are representative offices, branches of parent companies’ subsidiaries, sole trades, partnerships and joint ventures. Joint ventures in Australia are a very common business practice, with some differences in structure from that of the United States but they are similar enough for American investors to comprehend.. An unincorporated joint venture may be described as “contractual”, meaning that a separate entity