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Australia – Monarchy Or Republic Essay, Research Paper Australia – Monarchy or Republic Even before James Cook discovered this continent that later would be named Australia, there where people living on this continent. They are being called Aboriginal and are the origin population of Australia. In the year of 1788 the first convicts are being sent to Australia because of over crowded prisons in Britain. These people, with free settlers from Ireland were to become Australia’s new population and the forefathers for many Australians today. Britain then would have control of Australia for the coming two hundred years. During this period Britain was implanting it’s own standards of for example democracy and judgement. This was done because of Britain considered Australia

as a new colony, which was in need of proper guidance. Australia has always been a loyal colony and helped Britain in many ways. Australia has always helped Britain in different conflicts such as Korea and the two world wars. Britain has also been one of Australia’s biggest trading partners, which changed when Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1961. These are a few of many reasons why Australia should be a republic and independent from Britain. First; Britain will have problem with guarantees of political and ethical safety to the colonies because of a rapidly changing world, mostly economically. Therefore it is better that each country handle their own affairs, internal and external. This makes decisions more efficiently and probably more correct. Decisions

should be taken as local as possible. Second; Britain has joined the European Community, which has the consequence with higher taxes for Australia when trading with Britain. Australia is excluded from this market and gains nothing from belonging to Britain. Britain’s interest in the European Community can be against Australian’s, and a conflict in interests between the two countries can arise. If there is positive reasons there must be negative ones as well. Reasons for remaining a monarchy are many and some of those are. It has been good so far and why should that change because of a remaining monarchy? The Queen, Elisabeth II, does have some power in Australia. For example she can remove Governor-General, the one that represent her in Australia, if it would be necessary.

She can also stop laws passed by the Australian Parliament. However this power has not been executed during the whole period Australia has belonged to Britain. Trying to summarise positive and negative reasons and also using history to make a statement in either direction. Certainly it is first of all up to the people in Australia to decide if they want to belong to Britain or not. A referendum would be suitable to see what the Australians want themselves. Secondly Australia must evaluate if the country is capable of taking the responsibility it means of being independent. This question can only have one answer, and of course is Australia capable of ruling it-self. Third, must Britain also evaluate if it is worth having the bounds any more. It has been more than 200 years and

things have changed during that time. The conclusion to make is, that a referendum is what stands between remaining a monarchy and becoming a republic. It is all up to the Australians themselves, because Britain will probably not disagree while there is no loss in doing it. The tough time always comes when parents must let their children go to live their own lives, and perhaps is the time right for Australia?