Aushwitz Diary Essay Research Paper July 29

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Aushwitz Diary Essay, Research Paper July 29, 1932 I went to a campaign speech I and heard Adolf Hitler campaigning for dictatorship for Germany. He was saying that his opponents say the National Socialists are not German at all, because they refuse to work with other political parties. I think every one should work together, I hope he doesn’t win. I don’t care for his ideas. December 25, 1932 Momma and Aunt Mildred made the best Christmas diner ever. I got a new suit from Papa and Mama. March 8, 1933 Hitler became the Dictator of Germany. It is a sad day for Jews, some of our friends and neighbors have been leaving to other countries, they say Germany will be ruined under Hitler’s rule. Papa says things will not get that bad. March 14,1933 The Nazis invaded, they set

fire to most of it. It was bad enough that we must wear stars on our shirts and our businesses were taken. March 15, 1933 My family’s house was destroyed and we moved in with uncle Pincus. November 11, 1933 I’d heard rumors that Jews were going to Auschwitz. But I didn’t know what Auschwitz means, I have heard rumors people are being kept in prison there, how can it be that Jews can be imprisoned without committing a crime. Mama is worried and papa and uncle Pincus are talking about escaping the city. November 14, 1933 We got the dreaded notice that we had been selected for resettlement farther east. There will be no time to escape from the soldiers. The train cars they took us in were actually cattle cars. We entered the cars and sat on our baggage. There was not very much

room between us and the roof of the cattle car. We could not open them from the inside. The windows were small, open rectangles. Our car had from 100 to 120 people in it so it was quite crowded. We had some water and some food . The cars were sealed At night as we traveled, the train was filled with so many people that no matter where you turned you were almost face to face with the next person. There were no bathrooms on the train, only a bucket that was passed around. At times it smelled so badly, I thought I would be sick to my stomach. We heard gun shot, but did not know why these shots were fired, Then I heard an old man with a beard say that the SS troops were on the roofs of the cattle cars shooting past the windows to discourage people from sticking their heads out. The

train is moving at a fairly great speed. There was no stopping. November 16, 1933 We traveled day and night. The train is cold and the smell is awful. November 19,1933 At four o’clock three days later one morning at dawn, we looked through the cracks in the cattle car. I saw the name Auschwitz in Polish. I was paralyzed. I didn’t feel anything. When daylight came, they slid the car door open. All we heard was, “Raus, raus, get out of here, get out of here!” I had to crawl over people who had died from the cold and from lack of food and water. When they opened the doors to the cattle car, we jumped off as quickly as we could because we were under orders. We grabbed what we could and assembled outside. SS men with the skulls on their hats and collars stood in front of us

stretched out at intervals about every ten feet. The SS officer in charge stood with his German shepherd. The officer had one foot propped up on a little stool. We lined up and filed by him, everyone that got of the train had to place their valuables in wooden crates. Whatever we had, we lost. Those who didn’t give up their possessions willingly or quickly were beaten. Right there the selection took place, as each person passed by him, he pointed left or right. The thumb left and right was your destiny. The people sent to the left went to a large building , I could see the people to the left were mostly elderly or young children. I was sent to the right. Before us stood an immense rectangle of land surrounded by electrically-charged barbed wire. This must be the Auschwitz death