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emphasize? What is his influence on Augustine? Plato and Plotinus relate to one another on their views of creation. Plotinus, like the Christians, believed God created the world. Both Plato and Plotinus believed in the good and in seeing beauty. Both acknowledged the existence of a higher form of being, God. Plotinus was a follower of Plato, in fact he is considered a neoplotinus. Plotinus emphasized the mystical aspects of Plato however, he did not see the material world as important. Like Plato, Plotinus did not pay much attention to the body, rather they placed a very heavy emphasis on the soul. After all, the soul would rise not the body. Plotinus also placed an emphasis on the “Cardinal Virtues.” He was able to define the Cardinal Virtues as wisdom, courage, justice, and

moral discipline. Plotinus is considered one of the first non-Christian philosophers to incorporate Christian beliefs in his theories. St. Augustine was able to expand and elaborate on Plotinus’s work on the Cardinal Virtues. Plotinus was also able to put a lot of Plato’s teachings in writing, which enabled later philosophers such as Augustine to study Plato’s work and respond to his theories. St. Augustine was also able to build on some of Plotinus’s “Christian type” theories on the existence of God and the idea of the soul. Plotinus, like Plato, believed in the existence of God from the ideal good. Augustine also incorporated this idea in his thinking and philosophy of God. 6) What is Augustine’s demonstration for the existence of God? St Augustine was a mitigated

rationalist. His existence of God is evident in his creedo, “I believe in order that I may understand,” Augustine demonstrates God’s existence not only through faith and reason, but also through free will and grace. Augustine operated under the notion that man is good, but fallen. Since man has free will, man is able to make his own choices. However, since man is good but fallen, he has a tendency to make mistakes. According to Augustine, God is the highest truth, the eternal truth. The belief in the eternal truth will lead to the belief in the existence of God. Augustine also believes in grace in order to explain and prove God’s existence. For a person to be virtuous, he would have to have God’s grace. With God’s grace, man in general is good. Man is therefore saved

from evil and forgiven of his sins through the grace of God. Augustine states that judgement is the one attribute that separates us from all other animals. These judgements allow us to see and express our free will and allow us to make decisions between good and evil. Therefore we can see God through goodness and seeing the good. This leads to believing and knowing that God does in fact exist. 319