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Audience Analysis: Surveys Essay, Research Paper Stacey Reed Speech 131 04/26/99 AUDIENCE ANALYSIS: SURVEYSMy topic, disciplining a child, got several different responses among all the surveys. At first I figured that I wouldn?t have to do a lot of persuading to get my audience to agree with my side. I truly believe that hitting a child is wrong. The surveys I got back from the audience proved otherwise. It is now evident that I have my work cut out for me after all. My first question asked if my audience was ever disciplined as a child and 99% of the audience said yes. The most common responses towards how they were disciplined proved to be grounding and some form of hitting. When asked what child abuse meant to them, I was surprised to see that some 25% said that it

involved mental abuse and physically harming a child. One distinct survey stuck out. It said, ” abuse which physically harms the child enough to bruise, or cause lasting pain, or physical punishment that is misdirected anger.” That is very close to the right answer. Of course a lot more people chose to say “very abusive hitting” which is the response I figured I would get. However, that is the wrong defintion. I then asked if the audience if they would ever “slap their children around” meaning a little more than just a friendly pat, and a surprising 45% said yes. Nonetheless, all of the surveys expressed their interest in learning new ways to discipline a child.In interpreting the audiences responses, I was amazed to see that much of the audience believed in hitting

their own children. In a sense I guess I was expecting to not have to persuade much of my audience that hitting a child can have lasting effect, but then again this speech is all about persuading. For some, if being hit as a child worked on them, then I suppose most feel it will work for their kids. It is scary to see ahead of time that most of my audience does plan to use this form of discipline. Perhaps they they don?t know exactly how far to go with their hitting, but rather they just plan to do what they know. On the other hand, like me, a good part of the audience realizes that there are ways to avoid hitting or mentally abusing a child. Even if some of my audience still feels as though a good spanking is good for a child, possibly after my speech they will also use or

convert to using alternate forms of discipline that I will explain. All of the audience was open to know new forms of discipline, and all but one claimed they were disciplined as children. When asked to rate forms of disciplines listed, I was saddened to see that most didn?t rate spanking as a 1 or 2. (5 being the best, 1 being the worst) It was mostly rated between 3-5. Grounding was really prominent and the rest of the types of disciplines varied between people. For the most part, I feel as though either the audience learned this form of discipline (hitting) from their parents and it?s just getting passed on from generation to generation, or they truly believe that hitting makes a child better. I want to prove, that if anything, a light hitting ( on the butt as a child) or

other forms of discipline could work much better. Overall, I was happy by a good percentage of the class? definition of child abuse. It seems that as impressive as some of the “child abuse” definitions were, it didn?t seem to matter to some that hitting is the worst discipline for a child. It is possible that most of the audience is misinterpreting the question, or they simply think that it is okay to do anything to a child as long as it doesn?t cause huge black and blue marks. Regardless, even that is wrong and I want to persuade the audience that anything, other than gently hitting a child, causes emotional scars and can mentally damage a child in the end. In proving this, (with parts of my case helping it along) I intend to supply other forms of disciplines to back up my