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Attitudes Essay, Research Paper Attitudes As American Citizens, it is our duty to treat all others with respect. America was created as a melting pot and has been since its creation. It is our duty to be open minded and to work with and around all other people, at least on the surface. Some people, regretfully, are unable to see others pleasantly even if they don t enjoy them and deal with other races and groups. No matter what is done, individuals will still create stereotypes about other groups, but to work and function in our diverse world; we must overcome the barriers of class, race, and minorities to create a neutral medium. It is not an issue of being nice or mean, but how we should deal with human beings. Unenlightened people are at the root of most of societies

problems because they cannot see the world as being all one people. Ignorance clouds a clear mind and prevents logical thinking. When a person has a clear mind they are able to make wise decisions that will help themselves and others live happily, but these people do not use their mind. Being stupid is the worst possible scenario in life. The fatal flaw of being stupid is that no one can help them any smarter or worldly and this leads to more stupidity and poor decision making. Ignorant people lack the elementary judgment and simple world knowledge that helps most human beings function in society. Some people in our society feel that it is all right to hurt, tease, and humiliate other citizens because they have the rights to. Regretfully, these ignorant citizens feel that other

human beings should not be living in or living at all if they are a minority. It disgusts me that people are so closed minded that they cannot see past the years of bigotry and hatred. The most dangerous result of hatred is that the children of the ignorant people are supposed to be innocent have inherited their parents hate. The children are molded into loathing machines that will one day hurt others just like their parents. The actions of children in America are major warnings to the country about what we all might become someday, a fully prejudiced, segregated society, which we have tried so hard to overcome. People who have problems with others different from themselves are actually insecure with their own minds and bodies, so they take their frustration out on others. They

give themselves a license to act like stereotypical people in society. There are others that are so secure with themselves that they taunt or hurt others for their enjoyment. Usually, these people have not been brought up to show respect for others, their cultures and nationalities and, due to their disrespectful actions; they end up in jail or court. We should make the school system more diverse to open children s minds to our ever-changing culture. Since it is already mandatory for children, culture should be a part of the required learning in the school system. We must integrate other cultures into today s schools; to hopefully let children form their own opinions about culture before their peers and adults affect them. Initially, everyone forms judgments about people that

they meet, but when you know any person as an individual, your opinion changes about them and not always the group. It is sad when someone grows up in our diverse culture and holds onto the hate that is created by a few mindless people. When people s minds are consumed by hateful thoughts, they can never express the good feelings and pleasant opinions about the other. We are all just human beings, and nothing more, so we must accept everyone initially to coexist on this planet.