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Attila The Hun Essay, Research Paper Attila was called the Scourge of God or King of the Huns. Very little is known of Attila’s early life beyond the fact that he was a member of the ruling family of the Huns. Huns are a nomadic Asian people who spread from the Caspian steppes in repeated attacks on the Roman Empire. Before Attila’s birth, the Huns reached the Danube River in raids against the Eastern Roman Empire. By AD 432, they had gained so much power that Attila’s uncle, the Hunnish King Roas, was receiving a large annual tribute from Rome. Attila gained the throne from his uncle, but at first he was sharing it with his brother. Attila put his brother to death in 445. He later advanced through Illyria and devastated the whole region between the Black and the

Mediterranean seas. Those that he conquered were not destroyed, but were forced to serve in his armies. Then in 451 with great numbers of Ostrogoths, whom he had conquered, in his army, Attila invaded Gaul in alliance with Gaiseric, king of the Vandals. He was met by the Roman general Flavius Aetius and defeated that same year in the great Battle of Ch lons. According to all accounts it was one of the most terrible battles of ancient history. The Visigoths, under their King, Theodoric, assisted the Romans. Historians of the period estimated the losses of the army of Attila at from 200,000 to 300,000 slain, a number now believed greatly exaggerated. Aetius wisely allowed the Huns to retreat, pursuing as far as the Rhine River. After his defeat. Attila turned his attention to

Italy, where he devastated Aquileia, Milan, Padua, and other cities and advanced upon Rome. Attila had a major impact on the people he invaded; many of the empires he invaded were so devastated that they never would be able to rise as they were before he came. He was one of the factors that caused the empire of Rome to fall, because he weakened the empire. I think Attila was a pretty sick guy he slaughtered Monks and virgins in Danube. The Dark Age web mark.furnival/huns.htm Virtual History of Venice Attila the Hun I am a barbarian Catholic Encyclopedia