Attacked By A Friend Essay Research Paper

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Attacked By A Friend Essay, Research Paper Attacked by a friend Long long time ago in a galaxy far far away?. Really only four years ago on a Friday night in a small redneck town just west of Atlanta. We had just moved to a new home in the same city. My younger brother had a friend, whose name is Jason, spend the night at our new home. As the Friday evening wore on, I mostly stayed in my room on the internet. I did the best as I could to be as anti-social as I could. However, at last, all of the people I was talking to on CompuServe signed off and I was left all alone. Therefore, as hard as it was for me to go to my brother?s room and play with him and his friend, I did it. I had a blast. The night was actually turning out to be not so horrible. As the night wore on we

continued to play, and then it happened. I swung at his face in a joking manner and with out realizing it, Jason had pulled out a knife and it had cut me. Instead of pain, I felt a surge of pressure being released and I knew what had happened was not good. As I felt the knife cut into my arm, I could see blood shoot across the room. Immediately I grabbed the cut on my arm and ran to the bathroom sink! Turning my head to yell at my brother I screamed, ?Nathan, get the first aid kit!? The bleeding was not slow; it kept gushing out, with no control at all! Then Nathan returned. ?Here you go!? He said as he handed the box to me. Turning my head to him I said, ?That?s not going to work you idiot!? As I lifted my Henderson 2 thumb from top of the wound more blood shot out and was

stopped only by the wall. Now what do I do? Oh no! I am going to have to tell mom and dad! I am in so much trouble right now. So I told my parents and was taken to the emergency room in Douglasville, GA. When I first arrived to the ER we where told by the attendant to hold on, so I took my thumb off the cut for a second and when the woman saw that she let me in immediately. While I was lying down on the table for what seemed forever my mother came in and told me about a frightening situation that had just happened to Jason. It is standard procedure to report any stabbing or shootings whether or not it was on purpose. So when the police officer came to question everyone he had first read Jason his Miranda rights but nothing became of it. Jason looked up, scared to death, and

asked, ?Am I going to jail?? We all thought that what had happened to him was very funny. Now most people in the situation that I was in would probably start praying and start losing control. Not me, I do not remember how long I joked around and did not take it seriously. About 3 a.m. the doctors at Douglas General Hospital finally realized I was hurt more seriously than they had thought for the past three hours. Therefore, they decided I needed to go to a different hospital across town and I was transported to another hospital in an ambulance. When I finally got to the hospital and the surgeon meet with us it felt like five o?clock. As I was being taken to the operating room I suddenly felt my self getting tired and I all of a sudden got scared! I jumped up because I thought I

was dieing, I had lost much blood, and I was Henderson 3 had almost made it to the operation room.. Now I am dying! I was very upset and told the doctor how I felt. I was told it was just the drugs inside me taking effect and putting me to sleep. I said one last prayer and then went to sleep. I awoke the next day in recovery and was released the next day. The hardest part of that whole ordeal was I lost a hand to type with for a couple days.