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penalty for being in public without a man (Shanahan). A woman had her thumb cut off at the tip for wearing nail polish (Women). In March 1997 a woman was stoned to death in Eastern Afghanistan. The married woman had been caught attempting to flee the district with another man. She was found guilty of adultery for which the punishment was death by stoning (Women). Thieves have their limbs amputated and murderers are publicly executed by their victim?s family. The Taliban base their laws on their bastardized version of Islamic religion. They claim that their version is a pure one that follows a literal interpretation of the Muslim holy book, The Koran (Afghanistan). Apparently this is how they justify the horrific actions towards their own people, especially Afghan women. It is

difficult to imagine a country where such atrocities are justified by a religion when you live in a country where religious interpretations have no part in formulating laws. But this does happen and it is happening right now in Afghanistan. People around the world are appalled at the Taliban?s treatment of women. Many groups such as the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan have been formed to fight the Taliban. Existing groups such as the feminist Majority Foundation have focused on the situation in Afghanistan. UNICEF, CARE and the Red Cross are among the charity organizations that help feed, clothe and employ those suffering from the Taliban’s oppressive hand (women). The UN and various countries have condemned the Taliban for their disregard for the life and

welfare of Afghan women (Women). UNICEF has called on Islamic scholars, the UN and other countries to ?keep the pressure up until every girl and woman has her basic human rights restored.? (Women). Although then UN and various countries condemn the Taliban for their disregard for the life and welfare of Afghan women, no aggressive actions have been taken. Clearly the harsh laws and punishments the Taliban have created are unjust and wrong. Since the Taliban base their laws on religious believes it would be difficult for anyone to ?talk them out of it?. There are many countries and organizations that are opposed to the Taliban?s treatment of women. I believe the Taliban will never gain recognition as a legitimate government from these countries unless they change drastically and

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