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Atomic Bomb Essay, Research Paper The Right Choice On August 6, 1945, at 8:15 the American plane The Enola Gay changed history forever. The plane dropped the first atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima, Japan in a successful effort to ended World War II. The question on whether or not such a powerful attack was necessary to end the war has often been asked. I believe that America was made the right decision in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. The attack was the only way possible for America to win the war, while sparing thousands of American lives. The atomic bomb was in no way America s first choice to ending the war; diplomacy was tried. At the Potsdam conference America informed the Premier of Japan, Suzuki, that it had developed such a weapon, and was prepared to use

it, save for the surrender of the country. Suzuki replied that it was unworthy of public notice and rejected. This act proved Japan s unwillingness to surrender, which meant America and the Allies must continue to enforce the full application of its military power, including America s newest weapon, the atomic bomb. The key element in President Truman s decision was the lives of American men in action. The two options to take Japan were the atomic bomb, or an amphibious two-part landing on the island of Kynshu. The assault on Kynshu would be done using conventional weapons but extremely heavy losses were expected. General Marshall estimated a half million allied losses. Dropping the atomic bomb would require no allied loss. The atomic bomb devastated our enemy, and required no

loss from the allies. It was the logical, and most sensible decision to end the war. Two atomic bombs were dropped, one on Hiroshima, the other on Nagasaki. Days later the Japan offered to surrender. The atomic bomb successfully ended the largest, and bloodiest war in history. Truman s decision to drop the bomb stopped fighting all around the world, and saved countless lives. It was the fast, and intelligent decision to bring the world to a peace. The decision to drop the atomic bomb was not made quickly, but after much deliberation the bomb was dropped, and President Truman made the right decision. The Japanese were given a chance to surrender at Potsdam, they declined. In light of that, the atomic bomb was dropped, ending the war and saving thousands of American lives. All in

all the right decision was made, it brought a swift end to the war that had already taken too many lives.