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Atlantis(Science Fiction Book) Essay, Research Paper Book Title: Atlantis Author: Greg Donegan Pages: 345 Setting: The book had four time periods in it. It started in the Cambodian jungles in the year 800 A.D. Then it goes to the Bermuda Triangle in the year 1945. After that, we go ahead in time back to Cambodia in 1968. Finally, to the present, where most of the story takes place. Characters Protagonist: He is Eric Dane, an ex-special ops during the Vietnam War. He has a special power where he can “feel” certain things like upcoming danger and communicating telepathically. Antagonist: This is a mysterious green mist. It is located at three main spots: the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea in Japan, and in the jungles of Cambodia. Major Characters: Eric Dane, Forman,

Flaherty, Lawrence Freed, Beastly, Sin Fen, Ariana Michelete, Paul Michelet, and Patricia Conners. Plot Describe the plot: A strange mist has been in the Cambodian jungles for many years and nobody knows what it is. All they know is if something goes in, it never comes out. In present day, a plane of a corporation’s wealthy owner goes down, with his daughter onboard. He assembles a team led by the one man that has made it out alive, Eric Dane, and they head into it. Meanwhile, the mist is growing rapidly. They have to rescue the daughter and try to stop the mist from expanding all over the world. Describe the plot in detail: The story starts in the ancient city of Angkor Kol Ker. The water around the city has evaporated because of a drought and everybody is evacuating because

the mist is coming. Fifty warriors have stayed behind but they don’t last long. Then it goes to 1945. The US is setting up an experiment with the Bermuda Triangle and the mist in the Cambodian jungles with a man named Forman in control. Something goes wrong and the plane in Cambodia and the submarine named the Scorpion in the Triangle disappear. Later, in 1968, Eric Dane leads a squad of commandos into The Cambodian jungles. They find the ruins of Angkor Kol Ker and the mist. They try to fight off the beings in the mist, but all, including the leader, Flahertly, is taken away except Dane. In the present, it starts off on the Lady Gayle, the plane Michelete Technologies owns. The head person on it is Ariana Michelete, the company president’s daughter. They are over Cambodia

scouting for possible oil sites or diamond mines. The pilot sees a strange mist and suddenly, the plane goes out of control. They lose contact with headquarters in California and presumed down. Patricia Conners is at her desk controlling a satellite when she gets a phone call telling her to go over southwest Asia and take pictures of it with the satellite. She does so and looks at them. There is a big black spot in the middle of all the photos. Dane works with his dog, Chelsea, finding trapped people in wrecked buildings. They have a kind of link between themselves. Just then, Lawrence Freed, a man that works for Michelete Tech., comes up to him and asks Dane to come with him to Calif. for another job. At first, Dane doesn’t want to go, but after awhile, he agrees. Once at the

Michelete HQ, he talks with Freed, Paul Michelete, and professor Beastly, who was an expert on ancient cultures. They explained to Dane that they needed him to go into the mist and bring back Ariana. After some discussion, he agreed. Meanwhile, Ariana and her crew were stirring inside the plane. All except the pilots and a crewman had made it. But the weird thing about it was the top of the cockpit was cut clean off and one of the pilots was gone. When they entered it, one of the other crew was caught in a yellow beam of light and brought out of the plane and into the mist. One by one, the crew gets killed until only Ariana and three others are left. At the same time, the group led by Michelete arrives at an airport in Cambodia. When they go to pick up their weapons, Dane senses