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1873. His discovery made front-page news (The New York American, October 1912) and boasted of an advanced civilization with aircraft power-driven boats and the like. Schliemann said his grandfather told him on his deathbed of the family s secret: the location of Atlantis. Schliemann s claims made waves, but didn t hold water; when pressed for details, Schliemann was unresponsive and eventually disappeared from public view (Atlantis 1). Unfortunately, the falsities concerning Atlantis frequently overshadow the possibilities. The subject has gathered its share of honest journalists as well. Ignatius Donnelly wrote the first extensive study of the possibility of existence in 1882, and his views have not been found to be false with twentieth century technology. Donnelly believed in

Atlantis, but believed it to be worldly his reasons for Atlantis s existence are unable to be proven, but make sense. Some examples: there is noting improbable in Plato s narrative; it describes rich, cultured and educated people but doesn t mention things of fantasy like giants, hobgoblins etc. Plato speaks of hot and cold springs in the center of Atlantis, a feature common to islands with volcanic activity. Chances are Plato didn t know this. Responding partly to Donnelley s theories and partly to the urge to discover, some 20th century archeologists have used twentieth century technology to look for Atlantis. But many have dismissed Atlantis as glorified myths of volcanic eruptions in the island of Thera in 1450 BC. The eruption may have destroyed that island and caused a

small earthquake and tsunamis that ruined the civilization of Crete, but didn t sink a continent. Therefore none of Donnelley s theories can be proved without the actual discovery of the continent. Many Atlantologist have different theories as to where it exists. Plato himself said, opposite the Pillars of Heracles, beyond the Straits of Gibraltar , was another way of saying in the Greek language, some far off place in the Atlantic Ocean (Ellis 224). It was just a descriptive way of speaking. In reality, Plato didn t know.This writer believes that Atlantis did in fact exist. By using theories of modern day scientist, I can connect Atlantis to the present. Physical scientist Nigel Bunce and Jim Hunt did a study on the Bristlecone pine. This study was call, Three Rings and

Volcanoes . In Canpito Mountain in the White Mountains of California, living trees and deadwood pieces provide and accurate year-by-year tree ring sequence back to 3435 BC, a continuous record for five and one-half thousand years (Bunce 1). V.C. LaMarche and Katherine Hirsckboeck have recently reported, in the magazine Nature, on a study of the frost damage in the rings of the Bristlecone pine. They found a correlation between frost damage rings and the known date of large eruptions. In each case, a ring of frost damage was found and always in the same year, if the eruption was early in the year or, otherwise, the next year. The frost ring never preceded the volcanic event, which seems to prove that the frost rings are the result of the eruption (Bunce 1). Plato states Atlantis

suffered destruction in 1450n BC, the tree ring frost tells us that Santorini explo9ded in 1626 BC or, at most, one or two years earlier. I believe, like all things that are translated, for instances, Plato s works, some things could get lost in translation. Even dates. The legend of Atlantis is only a huge collection of theories and guesses, but theories and guesses also led to the discovery of the lost Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, discovered after being buried and preserved by the volcanic ash of nearby Mt. Vesuvius. In 1996, the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology, headed by Frank Giddo, discovered Cleopatra s palace built on the island of Antirhodos, fewer than 18 feet of water. Its end caused by earthquakes and tidal waves. This is not questioned, so

why should Atlantis existence be. Because of this, the mystery of Atlantis s existence will tantalize the world until the continent is either proven or disproved. BibliographyAllen, Jim. Looking for Atlantis. Geographical Magazine, March 1997. V69 n3 P44(2) http://www.coshe.comBunce, Nigel. & Jim Hunt. The Science Corner. summer/scor/articles/scor23.htm.Ellis, Richard. Imagining Atlantis. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc: New York, 1998. 318