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Atlantis Essay, Research Paper Atlantis: The Lost ContinentRel/304Dr. ClementsByKelly Soares AbstractAtlantis, a mystery for thousands of years is synonyms with UFO s, Bigfoot, and Stonehedge. It has boggled the minds of many atlantologists. I believe the question isn t did it exist, but where? I intend to review many of the ideas that have been suggested for the existence and location. The ideology ranges from Plato who lived some two thousands five hundred years ago to writers who have published their theories within the past and present years. What is so fascinating about Atlantis? Certainly it is not a rare place. We have many places on this earth that I would consider a Garden of Eden. It s not the mystery that drives scientist to find Atlantis, but the reward of being

the one, who does, is the motivation. The world has been fully discovered and fully mapped. Popular media has effectively minimized the legend and the fantastic rumor, though to make up for this it has generated fallacies not as lavish but just as interesting. Satellites have mapped and studied the earth, leaving only a space frontier that is as yet unreachable. But standing out is a charming fantasy the modern world has yet to verify or condemn the lost continent of Atlantis. The father of the modern world s perception of Atlantis is Plato (circa 428-circa 347 BC). The Greek philosopher spoke in his works Timaeus and Critias of a continent in the Atlantic ocean larger than Africa and Asia Minor combined which rivaled Athens as the most advanced in the world. Atlantis first came

about through the writings of Plato, the Greek philosopher. Plato, from the insistence of his friend Critias, revealed to friends one night he was in possession of an ancient text that formerly belonged to his grandfather. This text which held the only real account of Atlantis was said by Plato to have been written in part by the ancient Egyptians. The text has never been found (McMahon 1).Plato described Atlantis as a continent that had sunk beneath the sea some 9000 years before his birth. He described an unusual land formation that was made up of a large ring of land on the outside, with ocean inside it, and another inner ring inside the first, with ocean inside the ring also, and, inside the inner ring, was a large island in the center. He told of the outer ring being

reserved for great farmlands and also the houses of the working class. The inner ring consisted of gardens and structures. It is in this inner ring where the upper class resided. Also inside the inner ring there was a temple, home to the many priests, kings, people in the kings court and holy men (McMahon).Jim Allen, excartographic draftsman and aerial intelligence interpreter believes a section of the high Andean Plateau in the Department of Oruro is where the Atlantis Empire once thrived. In 1995, Allen sighted an unusually straight body of water located near Lake Poopo in Oruro. The feature measured the same width as a canal Plato said existed in the city (Becht1). A canal was excavated to the nearby sea to allow the rings of water to be used as harbors by this great

commercial society. Atlantis ditch measured 100 feet in depth, the width of a stade, as well as the length. This works out to be 344 miles in length and 229 miles in width (Ellis, 14). How is it then, if Atlantis suffered from volcanic destruction, the canal would still be the same in size, and what about erosion? Another reason Allen feels this could be the lost city is contributed to the existences of orichalcum in the area. The walls of the city were plated in gold, silver; bronze, tin and an exotic alloy called orichalcum (Allen 4). Atlantis has been discovered many times, but most notably in the fall of 1912 by Dr. Paul Schliemann. Schliemann introduced himself as the grandson of the famous Heinrich Svchliemann, the archeologist who discovered the ruins of ancient Troy in