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Athenians Vs. Spatans Essay, Research Paper Through out history there has been a great deal of great societies to rise and fall from power and fame. Two of the greatest societies still studied to this day are the Athenians and the Spartans. Both societies differ and many different ways but they where both very alike. The Spartans and the Athenians both strove excellence and greatness. Even though some of their ideals where the same, the way each society lived differed greatly. The Spartans on one hand where fierce warriors that were trained vigorously to be undoubtedly the best warrior they could be. They would rather die in battle with great honor than to flee to fight another day. In the Spartan society, cowardliness was considered the biggest disgrace one could bestow upon

ones family. If a man in the family was marked as a coward then not only could marry but also any woman in his family could also not be married, because they had the same blood as the coward and the Spartans had no room for cowards. Spartan children where also treated different from other societies of the time. The Spartans believed that any man could discipline any child if he saw fit. And children where trained without sandals so that they could be more adverse at climbing and descending from mountainous areas, making them more swift and agile on the elevation changes. The Spartans also believe that one mans property was every mans property wife included. But if any man borrowed or used another mans property or tools they would have the obligation to put it back into its

rightful place. The government was made of the elders of the group and you had to be at least 60 years old to be considered on the elective board. The Spartan society to this day is still known for its renowned abilities of unity and abilities to fight till the death. The Spartan people had a pride in the culture like none other except for one other society of the time the Athenians. The Athenians where also another great society of the time. But very different from the Spartans in the way they lived and the way they brought up their children. Most of their views where the same but their actions where different. The Athenians just like the Spartans where a very proud society and any man in Athens would do anything in his power to protect her and to keep her safe. But at the time

of the war against the Spartans, Athens was beginning to become greedy which was the main spark that started the war. They had asked the other city/states to donate money or taxes to be kept in Athens to produce an army to protect all of Greece. But they got greedy and decided to keep the gold for themselves and built a tremendous army/navy. The Athenians didn t share everything with each other like the Spartans did and they didn t discipline each others children but they also thought that fighting to the death is one of the greatest honors a man could have. Pericles the son of Xanthippus said that,” when on is alive, one is always liable to the jealousy of ones competitors, but when one is out of the way, the honor one receives is sincere and unchallenged. And that to me is a

great saying and would make me stand up and want to fight to the death too. I would rather be honored in my death than to be never remembered at all. In my opinion as a young man in my early twenties and having spent my whole child hood in the military I would rather have been an Athenian. For many reasons, they had more pride in life not just in death. Instead of thinking of battle all the time they where also well educated and well rounded as a whole. They had seen the world and knew what was out there to be found, explored and discovered. On the other hand I would have loved to had been a Spartan because they also had pride. And the pride they had is probable the type of pride that comes with a victory in competition or victory in a battle. Play in sports my whole life that is