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Atf Essay, Research Paper ATF stands for The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms they are basically a law enforcement organization within the United States Department of Treasury with unique responsibilities dedicated to reducing violent crimes , collecting revenue, and protecting the public. ATF enforces the Federal laws and regulations relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives and arson by working directly and in cooperation with others to: Suppress and prevent crime and violence through enforcement, regulation, and community outreach, Ensure fair and proper revenue collection, Provide fair and effective industry regulation, Support and assist Federal, State, local, and international law enforcement. They provide innovative training programs in support of

criminal and regulatory enforcement functions. Along with that the ATF has certain values that they go by and always try to follow . They try their best to always, set and uphold the highest standards of excellence and integrity; provide quality service and promote strong external partnerships; and develop a diverse, innovative, and well-trained work force in order to collectively achieve their goals. In conclusion The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) must respond to the public outcry against crime, violence, and other threats to public safety. They must also continue to do their part to maintain the economic stability of the country. Their main vision will help them chart the course to change the way they serve the public and achieve new levels of effectiveness and

teamwork. In the alcohol beverage industry, the Bureau regulates the qualification and operations of distilleries, wineries, and breweries, as well as importers and wholesalers in the industry. ATF has established mutually beneficial working relationships to minimize the regulatory burdens on businesses while still providing necessary government oversight and protecting consumer interests. Consumers of alcohol beverage products are protected by several functions unique to ATF. The ATF National Laboratory Center (NLC) is the premier tester of new products coming onto the market. The NLC tests products to ensure that all regulated ingredients are within legal limits in order to protect consumers from identifiable health risks in accordance with the Food and Drug Administrations

(FDA) recommendations. To ensure alcohol beverage labels do not contain misleading information and adhere to regulatory mandates, the ATF Alcohol Labeling and Formulation Branch examines all label applications for approval. The goals of the alcohol program are to ensure the collection of alcohol beverage excise taxes; to provide for accurate deposit and accounting for these taxes; to prevent entry into the industry by criminals or persons whose business experience or associations pose a risk of tax fraud; and to suppress label fraud, commercial bribery, diversion and smuggling, and other unlawful practices in the alcohol beverage marketplace. The goals of the tobacco program are to ensure the collection of tobacco excise taxes and to qualify applicants for permits to manufacture

or import tobacco products or to operate tobacco export warehouses. Tobacco inspections verify an applicant’s qualification information, check the security of the premises, and ensure tax compliance. ATF investigates in violation of Federal law and sections of the Internal Revenue Code. ATF recognizes the role that firearms play in violent crimes and pursues an integrated regulatory and enforcement strategy. Investigative priorities focus on armed violent offenders and career criminals, narcotics traffickers, narco-terrorists, violent gangs, and domestic and intenational arms traffickers. Sections 924(c) and (e) of Title 18 of the United States Code provide mandatory and enhanced sentencing guidelines for armed career criminals and narcotics traffickers as well as other