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Atalanta Essay, Research Paper I. Summary of the Story Atlanta Her father had wanted a son, and when Atalanta was born, he rejected her and ordered to put her out on the mountains, and let her die. So the servants put her out on the mountains. There a she-bear came along, and took a a fancy to the strange little thing, and fed her with her own milk. By and by some haunters passed that way, and found her, and saved her, and brought her up. She became a hard woman, like her hard father, and like the hard life she was force to lead. She cared for no wild beast of the forest. Even when two terrible Centaurs attacked her, she cared nothing, but killed them both. When she grew up, she found out her father, and came to live in his house. She made a great name for herself, in running

and wrestling and other manly sports; she even wrestled with Peleus, and beathim. She must have been a handful to manage; so her father soon became tired of her, and did his best to find a husband who would relieve him of his troublesome daugther. At first she would not hear of a husband; but at last she agreed, on certain condition. The condition were, that if anyone wanted to marry her, he must ran a race with her, if he lost the race, he was to lose his life. But she was so beautiful, that many young man were willing to try, even on those terms; many did try, and failed, and they were put to death. One young man, named Milanion, a fine young fellow laugh at this because accdg. To him there are plenty of girls in the country and he will not risk his neck for one, no matter how

beautiful she may be. So, some young men invite him to the next race, as if he have not seen her and he come along with them. There they stood at the starting post: Atalanta, like Artemis herself, as beautiful and as hard; Accdg. To other books, she wear a shining buckle clasped her robe around her neck; her hair was simply dressed, caught in a knot behind. An ivory quiver hung upon her left shoulder and in her hand was a bow. Thus was she attired. As for her face, it seemed too maidenly to be that of a boy, and too boyish to be that of a maiden ? that was she looked like. And the young man, full of strenght and grace, and confident that he would win. Off they went: he was quick on his feet, but nothing to Atalanta, who sped off like the wind, and easily came in first. Then the

young man was led off to his death. But you wouldbelieve it, no sooner Milanion set eyes on Atalanta, then he fell in love as deeply as the rest. He thought he had never seen anything so beautiful as Atalanta, and on the spot he declared that he would try his luck. Atalanta herself was sorry, as she saw this fine young man. Somehow she fell in love with Milanion too, and she did her best to dissuade him. Why she did not accept him at once, if she liked him, I do not know; but perhaps she felt that it would make her look small before the world, and she did not really love him enough, as yet. So a day was fixed for the new race. Milanion was not quite so cheerful when he got away. He did not feel so sure he would win; and now that he could not see her, he did not feel so sure she

was worth it. But he felt he could not back out of the challenge. Then he prayed to the goddess Aphrodite to help him, and she heard his prayer; for she did not like this hard maiden, who made light to the goddess of love. She had a wonderful tree in her grove, which bore golden apples; three of these apples she picked, and gave them to Milanion, and told him what to do. The day came. There were crowd of people to see the race: the king was there, with his court; Atalanta was there, girl in a short tunic, like Artemis, and ready to run. Milanion came, with the golden apples tucked into the corner of his tunic. They made rather a bulge, but no one noticed it in all that excitement. The two runners stood at the starting-point: the signal was given?they were off. Atalanta did not