Asthma And How Medication Allows For Increased

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Asthma And How Medication Allows For Increased Performance Essay, Research Paper ASTHMA AND HOW MEDICATION ALLOWS FOR INCREASED PERFORMANCE Asthma is a medical condition characterized by breathing difficulty that occurs when the air tubes leading to and inside the lungs become obstructed. Asthma negatively affects a person’s ability to perform as it hinders the breathing capability and the amount of oxygen that can be taken in and distributed throughout the body. Proper medication allows an asthmatic to reach a new level of exercise and fitness. Topics presented in this essay are; medications used to help minimize the effects of asthma, a case study to prove that asthma negatively affects performance, and an assessment of how medication when taken as prescribed will improve

a person’s performance. There are many medications that can be taken to control the onset of asthma attacks. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as steroids, steroid inhalers, and steroid tablets are used as perverters and controllers of asthma. These drugs reduce the inflamation in the airways and reduce the need for other drugs. Steroids though take a few hours to have an effect and therefore ineffective if needed for immediate relief. Other treatments include allergy shots and Antihistamines which can be used as a preventer of asthma. These reduce allergic reactions in patients and therefore reducing the chance for allergies to trigger inflammation in the asthmatic. Antihistamines however, cause drowsiness and should not be taken when driving or working at jobs where you must be

alert. The medications that are discussed in the case study are bronchodilator inhalers (such as ventolin) and Cromolyn (Appendix 1). Bronchodilators are asthma relievers and there are three types: Sympathomimetics, which are similar to epinephrine hormones in a person’s body also known as adrenaline, which is released when the body is under stress. This drug is related to the “fight of flight” nervous system that responds to stress (sympathetic)1; Theophylline, which is the bronchodilator used in the case study, has caffeine included ingredients. This drug can only be taken in tablet form. It is not known exactly how Theophylline works however, because a long-lasting tablet is available, one dose should be enough to control a person’s asthma throughout an entire day.

There are however better medications available to control asthma rather than just relieving attacks; Anticholinergics, are compounds they work by blocking the effects of certain nerves which cause narrowing of the air passages by producing contractions of airway muscles.2. Cromolyn (also known as Intal), is used as a preventer in a similar way to inhaled steroids. Intal is a drug consisting of a dry powder which can be taken orally and should be taken before exercising to prevent and reduce the symptoms of asthma. Cromolyn should not be taken to relieve asthma after exercise as it will not be effective.3. This case study is about a girl named Christie. (Appendix 1)4 Christie is a 17-year-old female with allergic asthma. Her asthma has been difficult to control despite being on

different medications such as bronchodilator inhalers, Theophylline pills and Cromolyn. Due to the severity of her asthma, she has had to give up many of her favourite outdoor sports. Christie is very sensitive to pollen and house dust. These items are instrumental in causing asthma attacks. The pollen outdoors is unavoidable, but with the addition of heavy exercises such as soccer, attacks occur much more rapidly and severely. She was advised to stay away from things that she was allergic to and start taking relatively large doses of inhaled bronchodilator. During the next soccer season, Christie again had attacks while playing soccer, but not as any other time. She was advised by her doctor to increase the steroid inhaler dose to two puffs, three times a day throughout the