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the terminally ill, and I believe it is the right thing to do. Assisted-suicide is a very serious issue that has been debated about for years, and is still very controversial. It is an issue similar to abortion in that it basically deals with people who are pro-life and pro-choice, with the majority of people falling somewhere in between those two extremes. Supporters essentially believe that we have the choice to end our lives under the circumstance of terminal illness and suffering. Those opposed to assisted-suicide view it as murder, and feel that people involved should be punished accordingly. Although I dislike the idea very strongly of suicide, I feel that in the circumstances of the people involved in the assisted-suicides, it should be allowed. The people who have already

been involved in this are people who have no chance of survival, and will live the rest of their lives in a hospital and in pain. They don t want to live anymore, and they shouldn t have to. Some fear that with the legality of assisted-suicide people will feel that it is okay to commit suicide even if they aren t terminally ill. Many fear that it will lower people s standard of life if it is legal to commit suicide. I don t believe that this is so. If assisted-suicide were made legal, there would be very strict rules to be followed concerning procedure and those eligible, and people who are suicidal already would not be affected at all. I don t believe that the legality of it would influence them at all to commit suicide. If a person really wants to commit suicide, the fact that

it is illegal has nothing to do with their decision. Breaking the law is the last thing that affects their decision, so if it were legal, it would make no difference whatsoever. Assisted-suicide, whether legal or not, will continue to happen, yet with the correct criteria and legally, it could be an option for those who in their suffering may not value their ending lives.