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Assisnation Of Jfk Essay, Research Paper Matt Robinson The Assassination of John F. Kennedy The Assassination of JFK, which occurred in Dallas, Texas on a seemingly normal November day was one of the most shocking moments in recent history. He was riding in an open limousine when he was shot several times, once noticeably in the brain. The crowd, as one could imagine, was shocked, appalled, and panicked. Their leader had been stricken down right in front of their eyes. Shortly after the shooting John Kennedy died. Also shortly after the shooting Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and charged with the murder of Kennedy. He allegedly shot him from the book depository behind the motorcade. He also allegedly acted alone, said the Warren Commission. Many people do not believe that

this was the case. Oswald died under shady circumstances before he could be tried. Many people believe that Oswald did not act alone, in fact they believe that he did not work at all. Some evidence suggests that he didn t shoot at all. There were too many shots fired in too short of a time frame for the gun that they said he had. The angle that Kennedy s head shot back after the shot to the head did not correspond with where they said Oswald had shot him from. All of these things point to one conclusion, a conspiracy. Why would anyone want to kill the president, you ask. Well the fact is that he is the most powerful man in the world, and many people would have liked to get their hands on that power. Who was looking to benefit the most from the death of President Kennedy, Mr.

Lyndon B. Johnson, Vice President of the USA and super power hungry too-big-for-his-britches egomaniac. The only people who could have pulled off a conspiracy of this magnitude would have been the highest government officials. People who had access to everything, and weren t afraid to use their power to destroy someonw else. We may never know the truth about who really shot JFK but it is pretty safe to assume that whoever did it, and it wasn t Oswald, did not act alone. Personally, I believe it was LBJ, the ego-maniac, but I have no proof, it remains a hunch. In conclusion, it seems apparent that the JFK assassination was covered up. Why, and by who still remains a mystery. What we do seem to know, however, is that the killing itself was the act of more than one person. These

facts make the whole thing a conspiracy, in fact, the most successful conspiracy in history, considering that none of the major players were ever even uncovered, let alone caught.