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communicate, compete, and be considered for more job opportunities, the American educational system should put more emphasis on foreign language study. I. Foreign language requirements enforce easy communication between global nations. A. Students will already know a language. B. President’s quote C. Many neighborhoods are multilingual, so if students are required to know another language, they will be able to communicate with others in their environment and understand them. D. The U.S. is a nation that has very high tourism and it would help if there were more bilingual people. I. If the U.S. wants to compete with other nations then the U.S. is going to have to be able to understand them. A. 500,000 international students quote. B. Many colleges in the U.S. don’t require

foreign language as a prerequisite for admission, but in Europe a student is required to learn two languages for admission to secondary school. II. There are always opportunities for people that can speak another language. A. With all the people migrating to the U.S. it is becoming more and more necessary to hire translators. B. Fluent speakers quote C. Business and fluent Japanese quote Bluford, Vera. “Working With Foreign Languages.” Occupational Outlook Quarterly May. 1994:34-39. Clinton, Bill. “Clinton addresses Business Students.” Washington Post 17 June. 1997: B1 Collins, Professor Mary. Personal Interview. 14 April. 1998. Freed, Barbara. “America, College to the World.” Time 17 July. 1995: 58 Unks, Gerald. “The Perils of Our Single Language Policy.”

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