Assanination Essay Research Paper HOW TO ASSASSINATE

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Assanination Essay, Research Paper HOW TO ASSASSINATE THE PRESIDENT Presidents these days tend to be a pesky problem, they never do what the public wants them to do, they are always making fake promises and most of the time the only reason they get elected is because their money. The solution to this problem is plain and simple . . . Kill them and keep getting rid of em ?till you find one that is actually honest, trustworthy and in tune with the average man. In the excerpt I will show the basic steps on how to assassinate your average President. First things first, you must make a plan. Find out where the President will drive by, waving to the crowd and other suck-up things. Then pick a location, make sure it is not visible to any innocent bystanders. A good place to make the

shot is a high building where you have a view of everything, this lets you have the advantage of being able to see everything. Next you must have a strong rifle with a long rance scope which lets you have a more accurate shot. Also, the gun should be silenced, this would be so the sound could not be traced to your whereabouts. The most important part of the plan is never tell anyone about, an assassins only friend is themselves. Now that you have your plan made and your weapon bought it’s time to go through with it. You must make your way up to the designated spot very inconspicuously, so no one senses anything out of the ordinary. The best time to go through with it is when there is not very many people in the building. Make your way to the room you have picked out and get

organized, separate all your supplies neat and orderly which makes a fast getaway, prop yourself on a box or chair of some sort so that you have a good view of your target. Take out your gun and load it, making sure everything is in working order. Once the gun is loaded take aim, you might be quite nervous. A trick to get rid of nerves is to take deep breaths, this will also steady your shot on the target. Aim carefully at either the heart or head, hold your breath and pull the trigger. Just because the gun is silenced doesn’t mean that people won’t know where the shot came from, so an important getaway is quite important. Quickly put away all your supplies and make sure you haven’t left anything. Get up and calmly walk out the door, down a not used stairwell and through a

back exit if possible. Look around and find a place where you can ditch your gun, look around to make sure no one is looking and nonchalantly get rid of it. When the gun is out of your possession you can make your way into the public. Calmly join the crowd of horrified onlookers and act like nothing happened. These steps are made for the reason . . . to get rid of a President, if you follow these steps you will most likely get away with the crime. Remember that there are always faults in plans, nothing goes as smoothly as planned, but be smart and cautious and know that crime doesn’t pay.