Aspects Of Good And Evil In Beowulf — страница 2

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adds, “‘Since God has granted him glory and wealth He forgets the future, unmindful of Fate.’” Hrothgar is telling Beowulf to use the power God has given him well, but not to forget the future for death is inevitable. Hrothgar concludes his advice to Beowulf on pride by once again warning him of the perils of pride. He advises, “‘Beware of pride! Now for a time you shall feel the fullness And know the glory of strength, but soon Sickness or sword shall strip you of that might.” Hrothgar now is telling Beowulf not to think of himself untouchable because as soon as that happens, his body may fail him and it is too late to make amends for evil things he has done. In Beowulf, pride is presented as an evil, with potentially fatal consequences. Good and evil are both very

apparent throughout Beowulf. Good represented by both selfless acts accomplished by Beowulf as well as its’ ability to cleanse evil. The evil creatures that Beowulf encounters as well as pride together portray evil. Together they constitute Beowulf’s most important theme, the conflict between good and evil.