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Artworks Review Essay, Research Paper In the Piece created by Robert Colecott entitled the Bilingual Cop, a cop is positioned in the center of the work standing behind a brick wall. The cop is yelling racial slurs at two men who are passed out; one man is an African American and he is leaning up against a trash can and positioned to the left of the cop, there is also a Hispanic man passed out and leaning up against a cactus which is positioned to the right of the cop. A thick yellow line that was painted on the ground separates the men from each other. On the African American man s side of the line there are animals such as a rat, cat, and a mouse placed by him. On the Hispanic man s side there is a lizard, jack rabbit and a goat laying on the ground, and the animals look

abstract. On each side of the dividing line, there is a skull. On the left side of the line there is a human skull, and on the right side of the line there is a cow skull On the African American man s side, there is a city in the background. Behind the city is a set of pyramids, among them is a view of a sunset or sunrise. On the Hispanic man s side there is a small village in the background, and behind that is a set of volcanic mountains. In between the set of mountains, there is a sun setting or rising, and the scene looks very picturesque. The art work is composed of both organic, and geometric shapes. An example of an organic shape that is in the piece would be the cactus, and an example of a geometric shape would be the bricks that make up the wall, and the pyramids in the

work. The artist used an very interesting combination of colors when he created both sunsets or 2 sunrises, and the use of chiaro scuro is evident, and there is also allot of value exhibited throughout the work. The piece was created in 1995, and is a acrylic on canvas. The dimensions are 90 by 144 inches, and the time of day of the artwork is either early morning or just before sunset. The work is abstract, because things from real life are twisted around and made different. The colors that were mostly used through out the piece are reds, browns, and greens. In the Painting entitled Triumph of Christianity, the first thing viewers will notice is Jesus, who s arms are open and stretch clear across the canvas, he is positioned at the top center of the piece. Beside his head is the

phrase Jesus Saves , and around his head there is two set of stars that are colored white and yellow. Under each of his arms there is a person, Under the left arm there is a African American, and placed under the left arm there is a native person. To the left of the African American person there is a pile of banana s, and to the right of the native, there is a pile of corn. Placed next to each person is a map of their country, and the people portrayed in the work are chained to a post. Around the middle of the art work, there seems to be a mirage of a hamburger, and a set of steps with a cross at the top of them, and in the background of the image there is a set of hills. The piece does Portray the time of day that it takes place, but if I were to guess, It would be some time

during the evening. The colors that were predominately used in the work are reds, black, browns and yellows. The dimensions of the piece are 90 by 114 inches, and it was created in 1993.