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Arthur Miller Essay, Research Paper Arthur Miller Inspirational is only one word to describe the writer Arthur Miller. He was an inspiration to many through his play writing. Throughout his life he has had success that many dream of but can not achieve. One never expects success to happen so quickly like it happened to Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. He was the middle child with a younger sister and an older brother. His parents were middle class much like the average family. His father was a successful manufacturer in ladies coats, the average businessman and his mother, a schoolteacher. During his childhood he spent most of his time engaging in childish activity with other children playing sports, he was the average active child.

Besides all of the activity Arthur Miller attended James Madison High School. Miller?s average family was middle class until he hit the age of fourteen when the depression hit his family hard. His fathers business failed and their lives had changed from that point. The family moved to Berkland and all of the children, including him, had to get jobs in order to support themselves. Arthur Miller was rejected upon his initial application to the University of Michigan. The people at the university gathered their senses admitting him in 1934. While attending the University of Michigan, he studied journalism and history. He was very interested in writing. In Miller?s junior year he entered a playwriting contest and he won the first prize of $250. The play that he had written was called

?The Villain?. This play was based on his family and there lives. Miller graduated from college in 1938 with a degree in English. Miler had established an organization that communists suspected of inflation, and it had been abolished because of that. In 1940 Miller married his sweetheart from college, Mary Slattery, she was a writer also. During this time Miller wrote for the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). At first his script writing was not working for him so he just continued on writing radio plays for the public which he despised doing. Arthur Miller received his first theateratrical break in 1944 by writing, ?the man who had all the luck?, which was staged on Broadway. This play was written about his life. Miller had also produced on brodway November 23, 1944. After that

play Miller went into debt forcing him to writing another play called, ?Focus? which was a huge success. It was such a success that it was written into a novel afterwards. Arthur Miller?s first success came in 1947 with, ?All my sons?, for which he won the New York Drama Critics Circle award. Miller won many awards for his wonderful work. He had the opportunity to work with a film director named Elia Kazan. She was the person that did all of the polishing up on the play before it went out for production. This play won Drama Critics award in 1948. His next play, Death of a Salesman, stunned audiences with his brilliance, it was quickly a classic of the modern theater. Arthur Miller was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1949 for ?Death of a salesman?. He was awarded many upon many

awards during his life. Arthur Miller?s life was filled with accomplishment and success. Miller was a huge success when, The Crucible, came to the people around the world. The Crucible, won many awards and a classic known to many. Although he had a rough childhood it did not stop him from his dreams. He has come to be considered one of the greatest dramatists in the history of American theatre and his plays, a fusion of naturalistic and expressionistic techniques, continue to be widely produced. Overall he was a wonderful and very successful man that is admired by many around the world. Centola, Steven; The Achievement of Arthur Miller. Contemporary Research Associates. New York NY, 1995 Bloom, Harold, Arthur Miller. Chelsea House Publishers. San Diego CA, 1992 Carson, Neil,