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The eluent used in the T.L.C. and in the silica flash chromatography column was also changed. It was used a solution of 75% of dychloromethane and 25% of hexane. In the present experiment, the yield was 67,7%. Experiment V: Isomerization of the compound 7 The FeCl (68 mg, 0,33 mmol) was added to a solution of the compound III (150 mg, 0,34 mmol) in acetonitrile and was stirred for 45 minutes. The reaction was followed by T.L.C. using 60% toluene, 40% dychloromethane as eluent. The solution was filtered with celite, washed with dychloromethane and ethyl acetate and evaporated until dryness. The oil collected was purified using a silica gel flash chromatography column with the same eluent. Only a small amount of product was isolated since it seemed like the products interact with

the silica gel. Experiment VI: The former experiment was repeated, but to isolate the product, since it was suspected that the resulting products somehow interact with the silica gel a neutral alumina column was used with a solution of 80% petroleum ether, 20% ethyl acetate as eluent. At list one of the products was isolated but the yield was not determined. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I wish to thank to: Professora Lurdes and Professor Amadeu, not only for the contribution that made this great opportunity happen, but also for all patience, assistance and knowledge given me during the last year. Dr. Storr and Dr. Paul O Neill whose kindness, sympathy, comprehension and support, made this dream possible. Rui, Ricardo, Steve, Vick, Tatiana and Ollie for all the help and friendship. I also

would like to thank to the University of Liverpool for allowing me to use all the facilities.