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uniform. Jackson?s Pollock oil-on-canvas (which has no name) is a very odd painting in that it?s not a picture of anything. It was too abstract. It is just an assemblage of colorful swirls, blots, blemishes, and smears. Together it does not make up anything and provoke no emotion except for confusion. The second work in the museum that I don?t consider art is Sam Francis?s acrylic-on-canvas. This painting too has no name and also a like Jacksons Pollock?s work, it made no sense. It doesn?t represent anything that is tangible. When viewing these two work I immediately ask myself is there a hidden, esoteric meaning behind these works? Does each suppose to provoke some kind of emotion of its own? But I found no answer to these questions. According to John Dewey?s definition of art,

a work is only artistic if the viewer can ?perceive? what the artist sees while he is creating it. I could not perceive anything therefore too me it?s inartistic.