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animal parts? Dramatic Play and Writing Lesson Title of Lesson : What Do I Want To Be ? Appropriate Age : Six years old. Objectives : The students will use their imaginations to think of what they would like to be if they could be any thing (no limits). The students will practice writing and conveying their thoughts on to paper. The students will use dramatic play to express their thoughts to the other classmates Materials : To do this lesson, the materials needed are, the story book and song of In My Own Little Corner / lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, music by Richard Rodgers; illustrated by Katherin Potter, writing paper, and pencils. Motivation : Listen to the song and read the story In My Own Little Corner. Discuss what the song is about – a little girl that, while sitting

in a corner, imagines that she is many things like a dancing mermaid. Procedure : Each student is to think of something that they would really like to be. Encourage the students to pick whatever they want no matter how different or strange it might seem – it can be anything from a whale in the ocean to a king of the jungle. Each student will take a turn acting it out in front of the class. The other students have to guess what it is that’s being acted out. Afterwards, have the students sit down in their seats and write why they want to be what they picked. The teacher may have to go around the room and help with the writing. Closure : The students draw a picture of themselves being what it is that they want. These pictures are to be hung up around the classroom for every one

to view. Evaluation : Did the students use their imaginations to come up with something that they would like to be? Did they successfully act it out, and were the other students able to guess it? Were the students able to write down their reason(s) for picking it? Were the students able to draw themselves as what they wanted to be? 318