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ART UNIT Essay, Research Paper Art Lesson Title of Lesson : A Colorful World Appropriate Age : Six years old. Objectives : At six years old, most children already have set preconceptions of how things are supposed to look. This lesson is designed for them to use their imaginations and experiment with color. They will get to look at landscapes painted by Paul Gauguin to see how he experimented with and used color. The students also practice using oil pastels and their techniques. They will also get a chance to work from life (either outdoors or pictures). Materials : Photographs of the outdoors (taken in advance by the teacher), prints of some of Paul Gauguin’s landscapes, white paper, and oil pastels will be needed for this lesson. Motivation : The class is told that they

will be creating a picture of the outside world (landscape). The teacher asks the class – What color is the sky?, the grass?, a field?, a lake?, a tree?. The students are then told that for this lesson they are to forget about all that. The teacher introduces the Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin to the class. A variety of his paintings are shown to the class including – Matamoe ( a landscape with peacocks), Tahitian Pastorals (has a red body of water), Tahitian Landscape watercolor (trees and bushes all different colors), and Riders on the Beach (the sand is painted pink). The different colors used are pointed out to the class while looking at the paintings. The teacher asks the class to imagine a world where every thing is a different color then what it normally is.

The teacher tells them to keep that image in their head. The teacher does a demonstration using oil pastels reminding the students of the different techniques that can be used. Procedure : The class is going to be drawing a landscape. If it is not possible to go outside, photographs can be taken of trees, hills, streams, fields, ect. These photographs are to be passed out to each student for them to work from. The students are instructed to look at their picture and imagine that every thing is a different color, for example, a tree might be purple and the sky might be green. The students are to use white paper and oil pastels to draw their landscapes. They are to use the different techniques of oil pastels – layering the colors, blending, pressing hard for a textured look or

pressing soft. The students are to fill the whole paper and when they are finished, the pictures are to be hung up in the front of the class. Closure : The students have their finished landscapes hung up for every one to view. Even though every thing in the pictures are different colors then normal, it is still very apparent what things are. It seems that changing the colors gives the pictures more feeling. The teacher asks the class what feelings they get from looking at the pictures. It is observed that the pictures look like “fairy tale worlds”. Most students used bright colors which gave the pictures a happy feeling. Some students used black and other dark colors which gave the pictures a scary feeling, making them look almost like a “forbidden land”. Evaluation : The

students got a chance to use their imaginations and experiment with color. They were able to use the colors differently then they normally do. They successfully used the oil pastels and their techniques. It seemed that the photographs worked just as well, if not better, then actually going outside. Art and Writing Lesson Title of Lesson : And To Think That I Saw It… Appropriate Age : Six years old. Objectives : This lesson is to get the students to activate passive knowledge and think more about the things that they see every day. The students will use their imaginations to make up a story about something that they see every day ( an animal, a plant, a car, ect.). The students will learn to convey their thoughts and ideas down on paper (with help from the teacher if needed).