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the pope with the greatness of ancient Rome, and little putto that refers to Urban as a poet. The crossed golden keys are a papal symbol. Artistically significant is the Italian Baroque style that this painting reflects. The abnormal perspective and dynamic look of the work are baroque qualities as well as the melodramatic presentation made in the center of the piece where Divine Providence orders Immortality to place the crown of stars upon the wreath. The work is also very decorative in the highly detailed, illusionistic painted sculpture that frames the ceiling as well as the simulated bronze reliefs that corner the ceiling. They also create the illusion of depth which is a characteristic of the baroque style. This work has so many baroque characteristics that the only fair

thing to say is that is completely embodies the baroque style. While some of these works more strongly reflect the historical events of the time and others more strongly reflect the artistic movements of the time, they all have common ground in their relationship to a pope either in his patronage of the work or the work s complete dedication to him.