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Art History Essay, Research Paper Gallery Write-up1. There are a number of references to motherhood in Katrin Wiese s work. Although I never felt as though she was shunning motherhood, I do believe she is expressing how the task of being a mother completely engulfs a person. However this is but issue I found in her work that is relates to our class so far. Much of her is a representation of how females struggle with discrimination, racism, and sexism throughout every day life. Some of her work is so direct that even I could grasp a clear message as soon as I laid eyes upon the work. For example in one of her works that depicts a group of women waiting to cross a river, the group of women just happens to be famous women artist, on the other side there is already a group of

men, which consists of famous male artist, and one of the males is helping a female across the river. This depiction to me symbolizes the fact that for most of history women artist would not be acknowledge by the public till a male artist approved of her work and describe her as being more than just a women and that her talent was an exception among women. There are so many other messages that a viewer of her work can acquire and that are relevant to the struggles of women. For example exclusion of women is paintings of historical moments as the Last Supper, and many other major events in history. One particular work that I found entertaining was her presentation of the leaders of the communism as women, just to see these cartoons blows the mind with questions like what if the

were women? In another art piece I believe the depiction of animals being liberated is to represent the need to liberate women from the sexist, and discriminating society we live in.2. I absolutely loved this show. The colors she uses in her work is what completely captivated me and made her work come alive. The media used varied so much that I could have spent the whole day viewing only her work and probably could never have decided on a favorite. Although I did not care for her degradation of Christ the Scarce Heart , I did appreciate her work of the Mother , in which she used an orthodox virgin to represent her own mother, she very tastefully used this religious symbol. I have very limited experience in going to art galleries, yet by how I felt viewing Katrin Wiese s work I

know that it s really good work and that I will look forward to seeing her work once again. 3. Aunt Jainey s CradleAcrylic on Wood1997This piece is a baby cradle that may have been from the early part of the 20th century. It is painted in some of the most beautiful colors that include dark purples, bright yellows, sweet oranges, and lushes reds. She has painted scenes of a religious group from India on one side and on the other there is a scene of an old Indian story about a princess that was giving her self secretly to a forbidden love. I fell in love with this piece mainly because of the colors she used. I know that the paintings on the side depict scenes from India, yet the colors remind me of the old homes that can be found in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. I get varies

messages from this piece depending on where I focus my attention. From the cradle itself I see a mother who is also an artist, so she paints the cradle for decoration and to practices her talent. From the scenes on the side of the cradle I could only understand the scene in which the religious group is setting the birds free. I believe that she could be trying to convey to the viewer the need to liberate women from an oppressive society.4. The Price of OilMetal: Oil can, bullet casingsBone: dried doughnut shaped boneBy: Ruth Pauline1997 ($200)Oilcan sitting atop a belt of bullet casings with a round bone looped around the spout of the oil can. Hopefully I captured the intended message on this piece, for this subject should make every American ask her/himself What is the real