Art From Marcel Duchamp All Teh Way

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Art From Marcel Duchamp All Teh Way To Andy Warhol Essay, Research Paper In the early 1950’s many things had and where just about to begin. The war had just finished and the world of art was opening new forms such as dada and pop art. There was also people staring to experiment with drugs, rock and roll and sex, all helping them express themselves in there art and writing, such as the beatniks. The likes of Marcel Duchamp and how the politics and anger of world war one became the base on a movement called DADA. Then Pop art and Andy Warhol not to think about this man would be crazy, Robert Rausenburg became leaders of this movement. Warhols new discovery of “The Velvet under ground” and his hipster hang out the Factory. World War One began in 1914 and continued to

murder and upset until the date 1918. It all started from the heat of political heat and the economics of other countries. First it started as a local European war with Austria-Hungary and Serbia on the day that would change the world, July 28, 1914. The reason the war spread is that more European countries started to get involved and war was declared against Russia on August 1, 1914. After many disputes and other countries from around the world helping one another there where 32 nations becoming involved in the science of murders and power. But when the roots of there war are traced to its soul causes it seems that it was a war for Europe since the causes where dealing with present and past political and economic conflicts of previous century. Then when the art of Dadaism came

along it helped reflect the protest and hate of western culture do to the acts of the military in World War One. Another interesting aspect of this movement is the work we did one it in class to reflect no meaning, and the word Dada was said to have been randomly selected from the pages of dictionary by Tristan Tzara, a roman poet, editor, and essayist. The word Dada is also french and means “hobbyhorse”. Tzara established this movement in the 1926. Back in new York others started to show interest in Dadaism, such artist as Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and many others. The main roots of this movement where in Zurich with the like of german writer Hugo Ball, and Jean Arp. When world war one had shown its ugly face for the last time most of the Zurich Dadaist moved to paris where

the movement became the inspiration for the Surrealist movement. To express there thoughts and souls through the Dadaist way they often made art that was not to be understood and to surprise even shock and bewilder the viewer or critic. This was all to show and shock the public into reconsidering there accepted aesthetic values. This was done through the use of every day objects commercial like that would lose the purpose and function when the art was done, this forming a “ready made”. The ready made consist of material goods bought or found. A good example of this was his “Bicycle Wheel” which consist of a stool with a bicycle wheel mounted on top of it, which ruined the use of the stool because know one could any longer site on it and the wheel was not on the ground to

role any more. Well know we know about dada and how it was started so lets take a look at Marcel Duchamp. Marcel Duchamp was born in Blainville, France on July 28, 1887 and continued to amaze and shock critics for a long time. He started many trends in the art times of Dadaism, futurism, surrealism and pop art. He began to start painting in his late 20’s. He produced his first most known painting of “Nude Descending a staircase” on 1911. This painting had cubism and futurism within it. At first the painting was turning backs all over the place, people just didn’t like the idea of it, after the showing in the Armory shoe in New York. But in the present we look upon it as a legend one of the best. But Duchamp continued to produce crowd unpleasers like his works of the