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Art Comparison Essay, Research Paper Picasso Vs. Perugino The Painting Of The Female The Picasso and the Perugino paintings in the art book are in no way really similar; they are infact very different aside from the fact that the main piece of the painting is a female. The colors used in Picasso?s Weeping Woman are a lot of Brights. But the colors in Perugino?s The Virgin and Child with Saints uses nice colors, neither bright nor dull but there are many different colors in both of the paintings. I feel as though that there is much more detail in the Perugino then the Picasso using much more texture as well as detail in the people in the painting and the landscape. The Picasso is an up close cubism type of painting and is very distorted but that is the intention of the

painter. As for the Perugino there is much detail in the painting showing fine details in the clothing the people the ground it is a very in-depth painting. Comparison Color: The Picasso has yellows, reds, blues, greens, black, purple and white. Picasso uses his colors in a pretty uneven manner he uses 3-4 colors on the face of the Weeping woman in stead of the usual black white colors of the usual person. Personally, I love the naked picture of the woman. The Perugino has more colors then I can really count but he didn?t use brights its more or less just regular colors but he uses the colors great to get the details of the painting out and helps you get a better feel for the painting. Some of the colors he uses are lots of blues, whites, greens, and some reds. The colors in both

are very well chosen I think that the colors chosen are what really make the paintings what they have come to be ?two of the best paintings made by each respective artiest.? Lines: In the Perugino there aren?t really too many lines in this painting. I feel that this painting is right out front as in he doesn?t try to hide any thing some painters put hidden messages in there paintings or what they paint means something different then it really looks it doesn?t appear that this is what Perugino was going for. The Picasso on the other hand this was done when he changed his style to cubism this is when people say he ?lost it?. He uses a lot of lines in this painting because he is going for the look of sorrow and being broken up so he uses a lot of lines to get the broken up and

distorted. Look in the painting it looks like he takes the painting after it is painted and just cuts it up and moves pieces around to get what ever effect he feels like he wants in the painting. I think that Picasso love to use all shapes. I like the fact that both of them have triangles they both us them but the Picasso uses them as well as lines squares and many other shapes. The squares make the paintings so much stronger they give it a different feeling a feeling of order and balance. I think this is what draws me to these paintings in one there is so much detail and in the other there is a very good amounts of shapes. The one I like more out of the two has got to be by far is Picasso?s Weeping Woman. I like this painting the most out of the who is because he is my favorite

painter out of all that I know I like his stuff because like I said it looks like he just paints it, and just cuts it up. I like how it looks abstract I like the odd I guess I could say. I like how he uses shapes that have no name and our out of wacko I guess that?s what I?ve always liked his work. I like his stuff more when he changed his ways and started with cubes and wacky colors as well as the Brights. The things that make Perugino?s The Virgin and Child with Saints one of my favorites out of the Art Book are; all the wonderful colors and the triangle that he has using the people at one big triangle pretty much taking up the whole canvas. I also like the texture and the life of the people they look really real like the eyes you can actually see them the cloths they ware you