Art A Conceptional View Essay Research Paper

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Art: A Conceptional View Essay, Research Paper Art Paper Number One Balance- The definition in my words is all of the elements in the art come together to achieve unity. A good example is Paul C zanne s Basket of Apples -this has a nice blend of paints to achieve balance. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Conception- Conception is the emotional idea that comes from the artist to make a work of art. A good example is Deboya s Que Hai Que Hacermos It shows a man being castrated by a bunch of soldiers it clearly shows the artist theme. Conceptual Art- is the artist paints something from their minds and putting it on whatever medium they use. A good example is Salvador Dali s Time it clearly shows how a person takes something from their mind and put it down on canvas.

Perceptual- is the opposite of conceptual art the artist looks at something and from that they transfer it to there medium. A good example of this type of art is Issabel Mellrain s Venus the statue is almost real. Form- is all the elements put together for example lines and shapes. A good example is Albrecht Duher s Wings on a Roller it is a picture of a birds wing but it is not realistic but the person clearly knows it is a wing. Content-to be put simple is the main idea. A very fine example is Paul C zanne s Basket of Apples you can clearly tell what the portrait is about. Subject Matter- is what the art is about. A fine example is Deboya s Que Hai Que Hacermos you can clearly see the subject matter. Part Two One- know the artist, his background his likes and dislike, then you

will see what his painting is about. Two- don t get caught up in the painting or lose yourself in the imaginary world of the art. Three- try to visualize what the artist is trying to portrait or not portrait. Four- don t judge how talented the artist is just how real their work looks. Five- get to know all of the artist works. Six- that the artist state of mind is not permanent they will change school s and ideas so check out all of their work. Seven- check out local museums and local artists. Eight- see what drove the art, is it religious or political? What inspired it? Nine- art is universal. Ten-keep an open mind. Art that you think is crap now you may like later.